16 Home Designs Inspired by Jessica Pare’s Emmys Dress

I’ve never been much of an award show watcher. They were an essential part of my childhood, mainly because I loved watching the red carpet arrivals with my Mom and talking about what we liked and didn’t like. But as I’ve gotten older (and no longer live in the same state as my favorite TV companion) I find myself unable to sit through even the fashion-filled opener. That said, I’m never one to miss a recap. So on Monday morning I found myself drinking coffee and furiously flipping through slideshows online looking at all the best and worst looks from the night. The one look that really stuck with me (aside from how sleek and cool Elisabeth Moss looked) was Jessica Pare’s incredible Oscar de la Renta dress.

Was it the best cut on her? I’ll let the GoFugYourself crowd tackle that one, but for me, the color was a clear winner. So today I decided to take my inspiration from that incredible dress and create a collection that fit the mood- and hue- of her Emmys look. Mullet dress or not, I would wear that sucker in a heartbeat. In the meantime (and in real life) I’ll just compile these home goods to recreate the look in a way that’s less TV and more me. xo, grace

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Image above: 1. Monogram Coaster $10 | 2. Hook $14 | 3. Overdyed Silk Rug $16k (just for fun) | 4. Bell Jar Lamp $3550 | 5. Overdyed Rug $2300 | 6. Lola Sofa $5900 | 7. Foo Dogs $175 | 8. Floor Lamp $149

Image above, clockwise from top left: Glass Jugs $19+, Ombre Glassware $24, Frankie Chair $399, Capiz Ornament $8

Image above: Aviva Stanhoff $275

Image above: Sechura Towels $8-$48

Image above: Saddle Bag $19.99

Image above: Malissa Ryder artwork $200


I don’t know what it is but I can NEVER get the links to Leif Shop to work for me. Every time I try to access the shop it says page cannot be found. I tried googling Leif Shop and accessing that way but I always get the same error.

Heather Zappo

I saw that dress on the Today show the next day and I fell in love, too. That is one of my FAVORITE colors, and she looked beautiful in it!

Love the collection you put together. That capiz ornament is gorgeous! It reminds me of the sequin ornaments I used to make. Beautiful!


@Katie, I have the same problem when I try to access Leif from my office computer, on all browsers. It works fine at home. I think there must be something about that site and our firewalls.


Really good idea using a style icon and red carpet fashion to do a product round up with.


nadine woloshin

Grace–nobody puts together compilations like you! Please do more! Gorgeous color. Especially love sofa and overdyed rugs…sigh


Elisabeth Moss is swoon-worthy. Love her new hairdo!

PS love what you did what the graphic. The dress really pops on a black & white Jessica Pare. :)


Thank you for this. I am newly obsessed with this color after swapping out a boring coffee table for the turquoise Ikea Raskog cart. I steal loving glances at it while watching the Phillies lose each evening.