Human/House/Harvey: Neon

Human House Harvey, neon
As a child of the 80s, the neon obsession has been with me for several decades now.  But unlike some who may have tossed neon aside when the trend outgrew itself (and then eventually came back), I’ve stayed true to the vibrant hues and have always had a spot for them in my heart. Today I’ve collected some favorite neon items for me, my home and my pup to share! Shine bright everyone! –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’ll admit I was a bit averse to the loafer trend, but I think I’m oddly loving this over-the-top neon pair. It’s like buying a house: the perfect buyer will come along one day….me!

HOUSE – I often dream of owning a fabulous Miami style patio one day and this bright beauty would look perfect on it.

HARVEY – If for some reason Harvey didn’t take a liking to this neon fuzzy monster toy, I would definitely keep him for myself.  There is something Muppet-esque (true blue Muppet fanatic right here!) that makes me so happy just looking at it.

Since starting this column last year, I’ve had so much fun sharing some favorite thematic products for me, my home and my pup with the pet-friendly Design*Sponge community. In an effort to offer even more animal love with you all, I thought it might be fun to start sharing some helpful/useful pet tips with each Human/House/Harvey post going forward. I’ve always had a passion for animals and animal care, and while I would never claim to be an expert in the field, I’d love to share some of the things I’ve learned along the pet-owning way.  I hope you’ll share your personal tips and advice along the way too!

In keeping with the Neon theme this week, I thought I’d share some tips and products to help keep you and your pup safe in the dark.  Whether you’re taking a leisure stroll or longer bike ride, here are some nighttime tips to keep you and your pup safe:

  • Walk in illuminated areas when possible.
  • Avoid unknown dog parks.
  • Use reflective or LED gear for both you and your dog to keep visible. (See some fun options below!)
  • Bring a flash light.  Good for both sidestepping sidewalk poop and for picking up your own dog’s.
  • Always make sure to have proper tags/registration for your dog.



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Happy nighttime trails!


The Acapulco Chair looks great and I wanted to get one for my patio, but then I tried one out at Anthropologie and it was one of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat on. The bars on the seat gave me a wedgie, and the angle was too low even for a “lounge chair.” This is definitely a chair that should be tried out before purchase.