Human/House/Harvey: Autumnal

Human House Harvey, autumnal
Bring on the cozy…please! I love summer, I do, but fall has that special, warm and fuzzy feeling that I definitely crave come September.  It’s been a long summer here in LA, so I’m ready for the cozier comforts and autumnal shades of fall. As I sit and daydream about the apple picking and cable knits to come, I’ve rounded up a couple of autumnal favorites for me, my home and my pup! –Stephanie

HUMAN – Wearing uniforms throughout the majority of my school years, I’ve come to appreciate the value of good pair of shoes…particularly oxfords, as they were part of the mandatory garb.  These traditional pair with a splash of “sole-full” color are a personal favorite.

HOUSE – I’m big on setting the aesthetic tone for your home even before you step foot inside. So needless to say, I love some door swag. This autumnal wreathe from Terrain is the perfect scene setter for my ideal cozy fall casa.

HARVEY – We have a bit of a bandana craze going on in the Todaro household these days (both in my hair and around Harvey’s neck) and this fall-colored, linen one from Houndworthy is a perfect addition.

hiking with your dog photo from

Because the summers are a bit extreme out here in So Cal, Harvey and I tend to do the majority of our outdoor hiking together in the fall.  He loves to be out on the trail, but has a tendency to overheat, so we reserve our big excursions for the cooler temps.  But with any hiking season, we are always prepared and aware when on the trail.  I thought I’d share a few things to keep in mind when planning a hike with your pup:

  • Remember not to feed your dog a full meal right before a hike.  You don’t want them to get sick due to the excessive activity, so give a small snack prior and bring some along, and then save the bigger meals for after.
  • Always bring water and a travel bowl.  There are so many great travel canteens and bowls available that easily pack up for on the go travel. Extra important – if you are hiking in a area with water, be extra cautious as dogs can contract parasites from standing water in certain locations.
  • If your dog is high energy, try using a dog backpack with some extra weight in it (maybe put your water bottle in there or some extra tennis balls). They’ll love to be able to work off that energy!
  • Flea and tick prevention is key! Whatever method you prefer, make sure to safeguard your pets against these pesky pests that are around during every season.
  • Watch out for foxtails and thistles.  These pesky debris can get caught in your dog’s fur and even penetrate the blood stream. So if you know that they grow in your area, just keep an extra eye out for them and always do a throughout check/brush after your hike.
  • Don’t forget a towel or cleaning supplies for the post hike mess. If your dog is anything like Harvey, there will definitely be some mud flying around.