How to Never Again Lose Your Keys – The Landing Strip

We’ve all been then. Well, at least I have. Fifteen minutes late and you can’t find your keys. The solution? A landing strip. In design speak – this refers to the spot by the door where you dump everything as soon as you land home. Rather than fight that urge to dump, you can find ways to make your landing strip organized and effective. My personal key dilemma was resolved once I put a small antique Flow blue bowl next on a shelf next to the entryway for keys. A simple solution for an annoying problem. I’ve rounded up some favorite landing strips from our Sneak Peek archives, but please share your landing strip solutions. My current problem is that I can never find my phone when I’m ready to walk out the door. I need a solution for that one. -Amy

Image above: If you’re extremely tight on space, a small shelf with a bowl for keys and odds and ends makes a perfect landing strip. See all the photos from this Brooklyn home here. (Also featured in 15 Clever Storage Solutions)

Image above: If you have a tight space, try a tiny table plus hooks for coat storage. See all the photos of this Greenwich, London home here.


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Image above: 1. pipeline hall tree $299 | 2. file file $24 | 3. welded letter holder $68 | 4. gold glazed porcelain platter $38 | 5. assembly home angled wall shelf $16 | 6. dipped mini bowl set $24 | 7. room essentials wire accent table $19.99

Image above: A great way to keep your life/entryway organized. Label a wall file to keep track of what needs to go in and out. See all the photos of this beautiful Australia home here.

Image above: A strategically placed bookshelf can provide the perfect spot to drop keys and mail when you walk in the door. See all the photos from this Australian home here.

Image above: Sometimes all you need is a great hook system. See all the photos from this Brooklyn home here.


This welded letter holder from Anthropologie is awesome.
Too bad it’s not available anymore on the website !!!


I am in the process of setting up our own ‘landing strip’. I love your product selections. That welded letter holder might just be in my future!!!!


I have a landing strip. I love it. Brocade Home entry table. Really neat table lamp with black and white brocade lamp shade. Metal owl. All under a large mirror with an turquoise Keep Calm & Carry On stretched canvas opposite so you see it in the mirror as you leave. Silver tray for last minute items that I often forget like lip gloss and perfume.

I still have a hard time finding my keys and sunglasses on many occasions, but it is a great place to gather yourself and everything you need for the day.


I subscribe a very basic/cheap entrance way – mainly stuff I salvaged from the garbage. Three hooks for coats and a few milk crates to hold shoes My keys – I tied an old shoelace to them and hang them on the doorknob. I rescued a couple of nice wooden boxes from the garbage room and hung them on the wall. I can put stuff in them but the boxes are high enough that they don’t interfere with moving my bike in and out of the apt. A broken jewellery box on it’s side makes a nice shelf for accessories.
A picture says a 1000 words!


yeaz! we made one last week from an old, thick piece of wood found in the attic. We love it and wonder how we ever lived without it.


nice pics! I’ve had an (overcrowded) landing strip for as long as I’ve had my own place I think… it came naturally with being chaotic and losing stuff just a few times too often :) by the way, I reckon my phone is by far the easiest thing to retrieve when it’s hiding from me – just ring it with your landline!


the faux wood ceramic tiles that are 4 or 5″ x 36″ make a great, slim landing strip! pair it with two tiny metal shelf brackets and you’re good to go.