Heart Print Scarf

I don’t typically post clothing here, but it’s chilly here in Brooklyn and this weekend was the first time I dug through my drawers to find my scarf. Few things make me happier than those first days of fall when you need a coat and extra layers, so being able to look for a few new scarves and hats to add to my winter wardrobe always feels great. I have a feeling this heart scarf from Leif is going to be popping up around my office at some point, either around my neck or Amy’s. We both have a thing for heart detailing these colors feel so perfect for fall. Those incredible red/burgundy dahlias that are in season right now match this color perfectly and since I’ve already got the flowers covered, maybe it’s time to add this beauty. Click here to check out the scarf in more detail and order online. xo, grace


Heather P.

Pretty! I really like the blue one, and since I don’t already have a blue scarf…might be adding this to my fall shopping list!