Geometric Runners + Tea Towels

This weekend, while Amy and I were out shopping in the city, we stumbled into a bodega that happened to be selling the new quarterly issue of Domino magazine. Not the old recycled content issues, but the brand new issue with new stories (it’s also being revived as an e-shop that goes live this Thursday). While I’m planning on writing about it more this week, one of the pieces that stuck out the most to me as retaining the most of the old spirit of the magazine was a piece that featured textile designer Caroline Z Hurley prominently. Her simple geometric prints are like kryptonite to me and I find myself constantly bookmarking them because they feel so fresh, fun and clean. Leif recently added some of her new runners and tea towels to their shop and I love the little splashes of neon color that come in the form of stitching. I think geometrics are always in style, so if you need to add a little bit of extra color or pattern to your dinner table, click here to check out and shop Caroline Z Hurley’s collection. xo, grace


Tracey Sullivan

I use actually Turkish towels as table runner. I bought my Turkish towels from The Anatolian on Etsy ( and I am extremely happy with the style, quality and the service. The towels are chemical free and 100% handwoven. Especially their beach collection is incredible (I would actually call them candy towels as they are in beautiful summer colors). The prices are ranging between $24 and $32 being the organic ones. But they offer some free shipment or sales deals too. Certainly recommend Turkish towels and this shop!