Gem Punch Bowl + 10 Great Cocktail Recipes

After ten years in Brooklyn, I finally got lucky and found an apartment with a proper dining room. Though it served primarily as storage for the first few months, the dining room has now been transformed into a grown-up room complete with a DIY fauxdenza (made with salvaged wood and filled with glassware and serving pieces), shelving, artwork, new mirrored pendants and a huge 12-foot dining table and bench seating. The room will host its first official dinner party in a few weeks for Amy’s birthday (yay!) so we’ve been working double time to get it finished. Now that the big work is done, I’ve been thinking about smaller entertaining details and I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty punch bowl. I’m not normally a “serve drinks in a huge quantity” type of person, but every now and then it’s fun to make a big batch of something (cider is my favorite) and serve it in a big festive way. This modern Gem Punch Bowl at West Elm is a bit more my style and would be perfect for a party. This would be so fun for decorative drinks that seem to happen this time of year (Halloween, anyone?) so if you’re looking for something a little fun and different, click here to check out more details and order online ($54 with ladle). And if you need some drink ideas, here are 10 of my favorites from our food & drink archives. xo, grace


*If you’re just stocking up, here is our illustrated guide to 14 Essentials for Every At-Home Bar!


It looks like the bowl is glass and the ladle is plastic. Still beautiful and worth the extra caution.