Fall Nail Art DIY with Jessica Washick

Maybe you’re heading back to school, setting new goals for the remaining months of the year, or applying for a new job. Whatever your situation, fall is a great time to think about renewal, change and improvement. And if you’re looking for an inspirational story to kick you into high gear, look no further than nail artist Jessica Washick.

After graduating from Parsons for Fashion Design and joining the design team at Coach, Jessica’s longtime boyfriend moved across the country for a job. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t make it, and in an effort to distract herself from the pain she was feeling (you know, after the requisite pints of ice cream and Sex and The City marathons), she started to give herself manicures. She got more and more into it, relishing the new creative outlet and distraction. And then finally, one day, she happily realized she was really starting to move on – and she told herself, “You don’t need a man. You need a manicure!”

Fast forward a couple years and now Jess is busy running the successful blog named, you got it, “U Don’t Need a Man, U Need a Manicure.” She left Coach, got her Nail Technician license and is working as a full-time nail artist, collaborating with everyone from Maybelline to Nylon Magazine and being featured all over the place. Talk about turning lemons i­nto lemonade!

So in honor of new seasons and fresh beginnings, we asked Jessica to create a custom D*S nail design – something simple and stunning, that even a manicure novice could put together. She nailed it (har, har!) with a perfect transitional summer-to-fall look. A loose play on a plaid, the design features some of our absolute favorite colors for fall: nude, pink and deep red! Huge thanks to Jess for spending some time with us and if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, head on over to her blog!



Materials Used:

Revlon 640 Fearless

Revlon 025 Seashell

Revlon 210 Persuade

Revlon 240 Inspire

Seche Vite Topcoat

Striping brush


How To:

1. Start by painting 2 coats of Seashell on each nail.


2. Using a striping brush, divide the tip of the nail in half, and fill it in with Fearless.


3. Paint half of a half moon on the base of the nail, also with Fearless.


4. Paint the other half of the nail tip with Persuade. Paint the other half of the half moon with Persuade.



5. Fill in the large section of the nail between both Persuade sections with Inspire. (You’re basically giving yourself a two-faced french manicure!)



6. Use a quick dry, glossy topcoat like Seche Vite to seal in your work. This topcoat makes everything really shiny and will fix any bumps or ridges caused by using the striping brush.





Very, very pretty! I do not have the skill or the patience to create this look on my nails but it really is beautiful. Well done.

Melissa S.

Awesome! I do not have enough patience for this. Also, as soon as I finished, I just know I’d bash a nail against something and mess it all up and cry. But those nails do look really gorgeous.


Very cool, but even if I had a steady enough hand to do my left hand (I’m right handed) how on earth could anyone do the other hand using their “wrong” hand?! Or is everyone who has such fancy nails ambidextrous?