Fair Isle for the Floor

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Today was the first morning since I adopted Hope that I was able to wear a sweater, scarf and jacket out to the off leash hour at the park. I LOVE fall, so being able to break out a good cable knit seriously made my day. While it’s supposed to get back up to 92 here this week (what?), the general temperature curve seems to be heading downward. My go-to fall sweater used to be a Fair Isle, but for some reason it always makes me look like a little kid. I’ve adopted simpler sweater styles as I’ve gotten older, but I still miss that classic pattern. Thankfully Donna Wilson has designed some colorful Fair Isle-inspired rugs that might let me bring the pattern from my wardrobe to the floors. Each rug, available in four colorways, is hand-loomed in India from 100% New Zealand wool. The chunky knit is so soft on the foot and would be perfect for warming up the floors as the temperatures drop. Horne is carrying all four rugs right here, so if you’re looking for a little extra color or pattern this fall, these might be just the ticket. xo, grace

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Weird, I have an anthropologie dress (circa 2011) in the same pattern & colours as that last rug… one of my fave dresses – but you’re right, fall wear is still the best!


Gah, I love it! That would be perfect for our nursery, however the price tag is a bit beyond my reach. Absolutely gorgeous nonetheless!