Editor’s Letter: September 2013

Sometimes the best way to spend a holiday is relaxing around the house and sleeping in. But sometimes the best way to spend it is making over your kitchen, bedroom and living room while you’ve got the free time to tape, paint and move furniture. Over the past week, I’ve been working on and overseeing some exciting projects in my apartment and, despite not sleeping in or resting up the way I normally do over our week off, I am so happy with the results. Not only do I have an entirely new kitchen (well, mostly new), but I’ve got so much functional and usable space that didn’t exist before. It’s that sort of practical space planning and organization that makes it SO much easier to keep a home neat and clean.

I’ve been thinking a lot about clean slates, fresh starts and making a home that suits the way you actually use it- not just the way that looks best. So with that in mind, we’re diving back into the fall season with a month of great organization ideas. From expert tips and troubleshooting to products that will help you keep every room in order, we’re dedicated to providing the best inspiration, ideas and real-life tools you’ll need to make sure your home is working for you and not the other way around. Stay tuned and Happy September! xo, grace

Alice Bradshaw

So well done because this kitchen is so great ! And I agree with you for the rest of your post… :) take a rest !


Your new kitchen looks fabulous. I have really liked these monthly editor letters and the themes you have chosen for each month.


The kitchen looks fabulous! I’m curious to know how the butcher block counter holds up next to the sink. I want to do something similar, but I’m afraid of water staining. Keep us posted!