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DIY Project: Mid-Century Wall Sculpture

by Grace Bonney

Today’s first DIY comes from Heather Jennings of Poppyhaus. Inspired by the exuberant mid-century style of DwellStudio’s ‘Boom’ wall sculptures, Heather set out to recreate the look using inexpensive household materials. Armed only with bamboo skewers, styrofoam balls and spraypaint, Heather created a fantastic homespun version that cost next-to-nothing and fits her love of mid-century style and DIY budget. Heather was kind enough to share the full how-to here today but you can check out more of her DIY projects online here, too. Thanks, Heather! xo, grace

The full how-to continues after the jump…


-2″ styrofoam balls (smooth)
-10″ bamboo skewers,
-gold metallic spray paint (Rustoleum)
-black metallic spray paint, or for a white version, soft white spray paint.

To attach to the wall sand the back of the ball to make a 3/4″ flat surface and hang using 3M velcro wall squares.


1. Spray the balls the base color (either black or white). Spray the skewers gold.


2. There is a thin seam line on the styrofoam ball that divides it in half, use this as your starting point. Insert the skewers about 1/4 inch in, around this line, then fill upwards.


3. Spray paint the center color onto the base of the skewers, creating the ombre from white or black to gold.


4. To attach them, sand the back side flat and attach an adhesive velcro tab. Simply pop on the wall, damage free (they weigh less than a pound).



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  • Great idea and they create such a beautiful effect. We may soon be opening Frippery Vintage brick and mortar so this would be a great inexpensive way to decorate the space.

  • I love these “urchin” looking decorations. I’ve seen a smaller version using tea/coffee stirrers, but didn’t think of hanging it up. Also the ombre look is a nice touch.

  • I think it would be interesting if there are LED lights inside the ball so it will look gorgeous at night. But, it’s nice ideas

  • i love this!! i need somthing over my door in my foyer,, i’m going to tweek it and use 6″ ball and 20″ scewers,, it will be fabulous,, thank you for the thought!!

  • My sister sent me this story. It is lovely. Thank you for enhancing and refreshing the “Sputniks” (as we called them) that our mother made, that graced our Christmas Tree every year from 1959 to 1969. Thank you. We knew she was clever, but, thought it died when we put men on the moon ! Love this !

  • These are the best “sea urchins” I’ve seen on Pinterest. I’ve already made a couple. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!?