Weekend Entertaining: Celebrating Fall Fashion


Fashion week may be over in New York, but that doesn’t mean we’re over fall fashion! It’s 73 degrees in Brooklyn right now and it seems that finally the dog days of summer are over and the glorious time of “sweater weather” is nigh! To celebrate this annual changing out of seasonal attire, we decided to share some entertaining ideas for a party devoted to fall fashion. With a warm autumnal palette, we used all of the accouterments of the fashion studio (pin cushions, measuring tape, zippers!) to create an atmosphere that is both stylish and inviting. Check out all of the photos and some of our tips after the jump! Have a lovely weekend, everybody! —Max


Zip line: We created this charming garland by stringing up different colored zippers from Sil Thread in Manhattan’s Garment District.


Pin Cushion Place Cards: We used standard “tomato” pin cushions (stripped of the green green string that typically wraps them) and extra long yellow pins to create these cute place cards.


Our tablecloth and napkins were created using muslin, a low-cost fabric that designers typically use when testing their designs. We wrapped our muslin napkins in small pieces of yellow tape measure.


For placemats, we used yellow and orange polka dot gift wrap from Paper Source.


To decorate our walls, we created a mock fashion inspiration board, filled with clippings from fashion magazines and some of our own hand-drawn fashion sketches.

fallfashionparty_7 fallfashionparty_8

As an alternative to the typical flower arrangement, we “arranged” spools of thread, scissors, and pencils inside of small metal buckets. We replaced the ribbon handles with a cut of pink measuring tape.


Those plates in the fifth photo, with the arrowheads. Where did you find those? I used to have 2 – vintage – and I lost track of them several apartments ago. Thanks for any help.


Love it! And if you don’t know what to do with all those notions after the party, please send them to me, LOL! I’m teaching a beginning sewing class soon and would love to give them to the students!


I like the way how you use measure tape. Its so unique but so nice. And also I like your illustrations.