Delft Wallpaper

Molly Hatch is one of my favorite ceramics artists of all time. Kristina gave me one of her Delft Blue mugs for Christmas years ago and it remains my favorite piece in the kitchen. While I’d love to be able to afford an entire room of her gorgeous designs, it’s not quite in my budget yet. However, this wallpaper she designed might be. Molly illustrated all of her gorgeous Delft dinnerware for a lovely wallpaper at Anthropologie. I am a complete and total sucker for anything Delft blue and I love the idea of using this to wallpaper a small pantry or closet where tabletop or food items would be stored. It’s so sweet and would be such a great- but tasteful- pop of pattern. Click here to check it out in more detail and order a roll online. xo, grace



I love Molly Hatch’s work so much that I have some of her flowers (off of a cakestand I own) tattooed on my shoulder blade. I get so many compliments on them, and they truly are beautifully conceived by a talented woman!

Plein Jane

Thanks for your suggestion to line a pantry — I’m doing it! It shares a wall with our dining room, where antique Delft is hung.


I love the idea of papering the back of my china cabinet with this pattern. Anyone know if that would work (adherence-wise)?

Molly Hatch

@Sarah I would LOVE to see a photo of your tattoo! How fun to imagine and happy to hear you get compliments on my surface design as tattoo! Fantastic!