Clare Grill

Clare Grill is an artist I have been following with a level of devotion usually reserved only for my most favorite television shows. In the same way that I would drop just about anything to catch a new episode of Homeland, I immediately start prepping a new post when I see an update email from Clare.

One of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed following Clare‘s work since I first discovered her work in 2007, is that she’s evolved greatly over the past six years. Most artists grow and change over the years, but for me, Clare’s evolution has been one that matches my own interests and style. So that parallel has kept me actively interested and following her progression from bold paintings with electric color to more subtle works where softer colors are chosen carefully but still used for such great impact. Clare currently has a show at the Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven, CT and will be hosting an artist talk on Saturday, Septemebr 21st at 2pm if you’re in town (the show is open through October 5th). If you’re not in the Connecticut area, you can check out Clare’s latest paintings on her website, which was recently updated with some stunning new pieces. I’m crazy about the pieces above and below, but you can view more here.




I love Clare’s work – definitely feel the same about following her development. She’s such an amazing artist! Her work always resonates with me.


These are really nice. They seem to be like ciphers, provoking more questions than answers.


For me, the piece at the very bottom of this post is special. I love the way there is a kind of physical sense involved. It feels heavy in such an interesting way. : ) Thanks for the intro!


Clare’s art speaks to me. Her newer pieces, in particular, have opened up new worlds to me. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. Thank you for this post!