Ceramics at Mociun

Caitlin Mociun has always had incredible taste in jewelry (I think her custom designs are the most spectacular on the market, period.) but her taste in pottery is fantastic, too. I walk by her Williamsburg shop every week or so and always find myself gravitating towards the beautiful mugs and pitchers sitting in the window. One of my Heath pitchers passed on to the great dinner table in the sky last week so I’ve been on the hunt for a new piece and I wound up hovering on the ceramics page of Mociun’s site for what felt like hours. From spotted mugs to sweet glazed plates and bowls, there’s something here for everyone. Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. xo, grace

Image above: Recreation Center spotted mug

Images above: Jeremy Ayers Mug 1 and Mug 2

Image above: Vase by Shino Takeda