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Best of Inspiration Boards

by Amy Azzarito

So what with Pinterest and other digital inspiration board tools, you might think that there’s no need for a real-life version. But there’s nothing quite as satisfying as clipping photos out of magazines or collecting cocktail napkins while on vacation to pin to your board at home. If you’re nervous about pinning things to an actual wall, you could take baby steps and start by making a vision board. Happy Collecting! –Amy

Image above: Greenroom creative director Sarah Sherman Samuel uses her bulletin board to keep track of current project. Here it’s full of inspiration for a party she recently designed along with a few fabric swatches from her own line of products that is in the works. See all the photos of this modern Los Angeles loft here.

Image above: This is food stylist Diane Perrin’s door from her childhood bedroom. This is the door from my childhood bedroom. Growing up, she would tape concert ticket stubs, family photos, notes from friends in class, pretty much anything that she felt represented herself. A few years ago, after remodeling the house, her father decided to ship her the door as a Hanukkah present. Now it’s a catch-all for her handbag collection, and whenever she’s feeling down, just looking at it always cheers her up. See all the photos from this creative California home here.

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Image above: Event designer Christy Thiessen’s cork board holds mementos of trips, inspirational photos, sweet cards from friends and invitations she’s designed. See more photos of this seaside California home here.

Image above: An ever-changing “dream” board in Sydney, Australia. See all the photos of this bright white beach house here.

Image above: Photographer Philip Newton has always had a collection of images above his desk. To create this collage, he purchased metallic pin boards from Ikea and screwed them all together to make one massive 4 x 7’ board. He uses Mighty Magnets to hold it all together as he piles layer upon layer of images, quotes and memorabilia on this wall. He never removes anything he just edits by covering over anything that has lost some of its appeal with new stuff making it over time like some archeological dig. See all the photos of this restored 1950s ranch house here.

Image above: A minimal collage wall. Online art bookshop owner Claire Cottrell keeps the Little things sent to her by artists whose books she carries in her shop Book Stand and objects made by her and by friends. See all the photos of her Mount Washington, California here.

Image above: Illustrator and owner of Dear Hancock Gwendolyn Mason uses her inspiration board to pay tribute to her painting and illustration heroes: David Hockney, Mary Blair, and Feodor Rojankovsky. All of the cards that she and husband Earnest used to leave for each other at our Cal Art’s studios (where their romance for paper correspondence began) are permanent fixtures on her inspiration board. See all the photos of Los Angeles home here.

Image above: The wall of inspiration in photographer Cody Cloud and Julia Galdo is filled with images from an old Olympics book. See all the photos of this eclectic Los Angeles home (including a giant floating pool swan) here.

Image above: London-based photographer Debbie Powell uses her office notice board as a place to organize inspiration for her latest project. See all the photos of her two-bedroom Victorian townhouse here.

Image above: An inspiration board built for two. Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani of Scout Regalia work out of their Los Angeles home, so they’ve adapted part of their living room to serve as a creative office. They created this Homasote board to keep track of their inspiration. See all the photos of their Echo Park home here.

Image above: Some of the inspiration from Benjamin and Makoto’s living room (above) has spilled out into the kitchen. See all the photos of their Echo Park home here.

Image above: Victoria Suffield runs The Hambledon in Winchester, South England. She describes it as a department store where they only sell the things they love. The pinboard in her home office helps her keep track of all her favorite things. See all the photos of her English home here.

Image above: Artist and designer Adrienne Antonson, who makes clothing under the label STATE, started her wall collage with the metallic snakeskin and it just grew from there. See all the photos of her Park Slope home here.

Image above: A collage of photos – favorite images of family members,  places traveled and favorite moments in the entryway of Jason Roskey and Maggie Goudsmit of Fern’s Brooklyn home. See all the photos of their airy loft here.

Image above: Shayna Kulik of Pattern Pulp works from home about fifty percent of her time so she keeps herself inspired with this ever-evolving board above her desk. See all the photos of her home in New York’s West Village here.

Image above: One wall in interior designer Kristin Kerr Luber’s home office is painted with chalkboard paint so that she can keep track of her schedule. The other wall keeps track of her inspiration. See all the photos of her Chicago apartment here.

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