After the Jump: Nic Newcomb (MP3)

I’m so excited to be back in the swing of work and all that brings. I’ve got a million ideas for this season’s radio shows, and I was thrilled to close out my summer season with an interview I’ve been dying to conduct for weeks. I met Nic Newcomb over dinner a few weeks ago and found we instantly clicked when it came to discussing the design industry, trends, the importance of making a living wage and all of the ins and outs of pottery. I invited Nic to come on the show right away and last week Nic was kind enough to join me on-air to discuss his background and his progression from art student to apprentice to full-time potter*. We could have talked enough for three or four shows, but in this episode we manage to pack a lot in- from discussing the current trends in pottery to the reality of making a small arts business work. I hope you’ll listen and check out Nic’s work online. I start my mornings with coffee in one of his camp mugs- they are the best. Thanks so much to Nic for coming on the show! xo, grace

*We start the interview with an interesting look at what time term means to artists and art-fans, in relation to the terms “ceramicist”and “ceramics artist”.

“Moving to New York made me think about clay as a product, and how people interact with clay in their homes and everyday life.”

“When I look at something that has been made by hand, I want to know that it was made by a master.”
-Nic Newcomb on After the Jump

LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or stream it here on Heritage Radio.




This is such an interesting interview- I love the discussion of what is a potter and his idea of mastery. Thanks for sharing!