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A Home Filled with Color, Pattern and Love

by Amy Azzarito

Stylist and event planner Tori Hendrix, her videographer and DJ  husband Austin, their daughter, Lucca,  two dogs, Briar & Violet, and cat, Tuesday. call this 900sq foot house in San Diego, California home. After living for years in rentals, the first thing Tori wanted to do was use wallpaper – and lots of it! The home is small but is filled with objects found on travels or in flea markets. Tori gravitates towards things that are a bit imperfect and show some wear or age. It’s important to her that the home tells the story of the family so she incorporated objects from the couple’s Mexican wedding, their honeymoon in Spain and various trips to Italy in the decor. Their wedding vows hang on the walls and polaroids from the couple’s life together are scattered around the home. It’s not decoration but rather a carefully curated collection of their lives. But this is not a static museum – they are always adding to the collection and taking other things away – and with two rescue dogs, a cat and a toddler, there’s a lot of energy in this home! Thank you Tori and Austin! A big thank you to Jamie Street for the lovely photos.-Amy

Image above: The white books were left over from a wedding I designed years ago.  The gold chandelier hung in my childhood home since the 1920s and my mom passed it along to me when she redecorated.  You’ll see lots of nods to deer in our home.  They are my favorite animal and our daughter’s first birthday party was a flora and fauna theme as well.

Image above: I love a sunny yellow. It’s the Californian in me. We have our vintage Mexican wedding cake toppers in one of those glass domes, and the collars of two of our beloved pets that are no longer with us are here. The sconce was found at a thrift store and spray painted white. The vase is Jonathan Adler and our whole living room is painted Martha Stewart Sharky Grey.


Image above: Our dog Briar and our new kitten, Tuesday. All 3 of our pets are rescues and really make our house feel like a home. The sofa is an eBay find and the painting in the background is by Michelle Aramas. I purchased it for my daughter when I found out I was pregnant with her (I had been coveting one for a long time). It hangs over a little vintage desk we have set up for her to create art.

Image above: Our dining room has Osborne and Little’s Arizona wallpaper and a Jonathan Adler brass chandelier. I once worked for Design Within Reach where I started a collection of Eames and Panton chairs (seen here). The highchair is the Tripp Trapp and our wedding vows can be seen framed and on the wall here as well as art by our friend, Kelli Murray.

Image above: The disco ball is leftover from another wedding and the armoire is something we’ve had for a million years. It has a portion of the novel Love in the Time of Cholera written on it. Our rug is from West Elm and the rocker is Eames. The white pouf was brought back from our honeymoon in Granada, Spain where we stuffed it into a backpack!

Image above: Our bedroom. We have a faint white lace wallpaper which I find really serene (Louise Body’s Lace paper) and the words on the mirror were stolen from my husbands wedding vows to me.

Image above: A vignette in our living room.

Image above: The brass owls were my wedding gift to my husband, I’ve always said he looks like an owl! And we were married on the 13th which is why the vases are the number 13. The lamp is the bourgie lamp by Kartell.


Image above: A nook in our bedroom with a thrift store piece which leads to a back patio full of succulents.

Image above: These sombreros were used in our photobooth at our wedding in Sayulita, Mexico.

Image above: Our daughter, Lucca’s bedroom. Lots of flora and fauna here! The crib was a gift from her great grandmother, there’s a painting by my mom, a flea market rug and a vintage kimono. The wallpaper is Ferm Living.


Image above: The dresser was found at a thrift store, painted white and made into a changing table and the letters came from a flea market. The gold pig was an anniversary present from my husband because I love a gold animal! The lion is Jonathan Adler.

Image above: The deer painting is by my mom and the dog print was from an antique store because my childhood dog was a collie. The wallpaper is Ferm Living.

Image above: Our daughter, Lucca Valentine.

Image above: The mini ghost chair was a present from a friend and the pillow is Jonathan Adler.

Image above: A Shanna Murray wall decal is on our daughter’s bedroom door.

Image above: Lucca’s bedroom. The dog is an old Anthropologie floor display and I used the lockers at a wedding and then spray painted them white for storage in here. The deer painting was done as a 1st birthday party invite for Lucca by artist Kelli Murray. The wallpaper is Ferm Living, the rocker is by Nursery Works and the rug was found at a Flea Market.

Image above: Our bathroom is painted Martha Stewart Francesca black and the rug was found on eBay.

Image above: The quote on the mirror is from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs where we spend a lot of time doing weddings and vacationing. It’s a happy place for us.


Image above: This quote is by Tyler Knott and was used on my daughter’s first birthday invitation… it reminds me of her and the magic of childhood. The lockers were found at an antique store and act as a dresser due to our lack of storage.

Image above: This postcard is from our honeymoon in Spain. We have a tradition of getting into the photobooth to mark the passing of time everytime we are at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and these are from our trips there (you’ll even see one of dogs in the photos!). The wallpaper is Osborne and Little Arizona

Image above: Our front door with a dreamcatcher created for an event we did in Palm Springs.

Image above: This is my mom’s florentine hall tree from the 1920’s and was in my childhood home for 30 years until it came to live with us here! It’s a nice green space with chalk for my daughter, sunglasses and car keys.

Image above: The patio off of our bedroom has a flea market table and chairs and succulent plantings by our friend Britt from Tend Living.


Image above: This is our dog, Violet. She was rescued from a woman who didn’t want her because she had an underbite and ignored her in a kennel in her yard for the first year of her life. She has the life now, though! All of our 3 pets do and our daughter absolutely adores them.

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  • Very lovely home. Especially such a small space, it did not seem overcrowded and I like all the personal touches. Love the nursery. I mean no disrespect, but I had to laugh that the first birthday theme was “flora and fauna”, I think my first b-day was a tad more sophisticated, “smurfs” :) I’m working on a nursery right now, my theme is woodland, so this is very inspirational.

  • The white, bursts of color and greenery make for a cheerful home. The darker bathroom is a nice moody contrast. I love that plants seem to tie everything together.

  • Love the books in the fireplace! I’ve seen some really interestingly decorated fireplaces on here, which makes me think that you should do a Best Of or How to Style on fireplaces.

  • LOVE the decor… great use of color and awesome chandelier… and the woman ignoring her dog because of an underbite… absolutely ridiculous. glad she’s in a good home!

  • A lot going on but everything vibe so well together…I love it! The plants are beautiful and Violet is adorable!!

  • Thank you for rescuing a dog from someone who doesn’t deserve the unconditional love and affection they provide <3

  • Thank you for shedding a light on rescue animals…how beautiful they and this house are!

  • Warmth and individuality everywhere. Very much a home, not a catalog display. Lovely.

  • Having seen their home featured before their daughter was born, it’s truly lovely to see how it’s transformed. Such a gorgeous house from room-to-room.

  • I absolutely love this home. SO warm and so many beautiful details to rest your eyes on. I love that their pets “make their home a home” I love so many details, too many to list…thank you for sharing your love-filled home.

  • The dog and cat are adorable. I like some elements – especially the classic pieces of furniture throughout! It’s very “feminine” in tone though…

  • Such a pretty home. Whenever there’s a sneak-peak post the first thing that catches my eyes from the photos are the paintings. So far most of the homes featured have lovely paintings and I love the one here too. The colours are just so light and reminds me of spring and happy.
    Btw, I have a genuine doubt; how do people ensure that all the beautiful stuff displayed (like those hats for example) don’t collect dust?
    I’m a big fan of displaying eclectic, colourful, meaningful items, but dust collection just makes it a no, no for me. :(

  • oh i love love love your home. one, the ferm wallpaper is fantastic. two, yet another example of a black bathroom that i can use to convince my husband to let me paint ours black.

  • What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing. (Love the rescue animals too… what fabulous people you are).

  • So individual and gorgeous and adorable and many other adjectives. Love that you rescue animals, fill your home with such personality and love, and your daughter’s name is awesome! Good onya!

  • I LOVE how whimsical your home is! It’s sweetly beautiful and there’s a lot of inspiration to be found. Really enjoyed all of the sentimental touches too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful home! So much visual charm, and then I got to that amazing white dress with the beaded yoke hanging on the dresser in your daughter’s room, and I thought ‘OMG’! May I know where it is from?

  • @nirmal the dress is from the target collection last year during the holidays.
    all these comments were so sweet and touching! we really appreciate it and I loved hearing from fellow animal lovers out there. xx, tori

  • Too pretty and dreamy! I love how everything in your house has sooo much meaning and is an expression of all the love in your family!!

  • I love your taste in lights! I so want the gold Jonathan Adler one–it’s gorgeous. That’s said how your dog was treated–that woman should be fined or go to jail if she really didn’t care for her. So glad you rescued her and she’s in a lovely, loving home!

  • Such a lovely home. Very welcoming and homely. I love the beautiful coloured wallpapers with heavy patterns that are accentuated with the stunning ornate white mirrors. Feature furniture adding pops of colour and style, rather than boring functional pieces and personal ornaments that tell a story really complete this home.

  • Beautiful home, but very obviosly one with just one, gentle child! I love your styling and delicacy but I can only dream of how to keep a home looking so good with my three boisterous kids!

  • I enjoyed all the photos. A lot of items were reminiscent of the 70s and has a cool and laid back feeling. The colors and unexpected art like sombreros made me giggle with glee. Thank you for sharing such a happy space and for giving love to your furry friends. I have a rescue too and she is the joy of my life.

  • WOW. thanks for this. the wallpaper is just…. i’m drooling. i’ma get my hands on some of that as soon as humanly possible!

  • Such a beautiful home! So jealous of it all! I am dying to know where to get the faux taxidermy pieces. This is an old post and I’m late to the party…