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A Catskill home with a Scandinavian vibe

by Amy Azzarito


Photography by Maxwell Tielman.

When the home owners of one of my favorite sneak peeks ever told me to check out the home of their neighbor and partner in the Phoenicia hotel The Graham & Co, I was contacting Amanda Bupp before I had even begun reading their email. This summer, Max became a proud owner of his own Catskills home and taking a break from the joys of  home ownership, he visited Amanda to document the work she had done on her own Catskill country house. Amanda completed major renovations on the house in December 2011 and has spent nearly every weekend since hanging out mountainside. At the time she designed this home, her full-time Brooklyn residence was very rustic and lodge-like so she wanted to make her Catskill getaway feel the opposite. She kept everything monochromatic and neutral to highlight the nature just outside. The result is a country house with a modern Scandinavian feel. Thanks, Amanda! –Amy

Image above: The sofa is a Ligne Roset Togo, I love that it’s low and you can just sink right into it in front of the fire. The cow skull was found in El Paso on a trip to Marfa, TX. The wood floors are salvaged from the roofdeck of the SOHO House in Manhattan. They are unfinished, raw, matte, and absolutely beautiful. They are probably the coolest thing about the house and run throughout including the bathroom. The paint color throughout the house is Pratt & Lambert – Silver Lining.



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Image above: This artwork is from a series of prints by Sol LeWitt. The ceramic pot was made by a good friend, Michael Dickey. He also did a drawing hung in the hallway. You can find a lot of his work here.

Image above: The credenza was found at a local barn sale upstate, it had already been sanded down, so staining it black seemed the obvious choice.

Image above: These baskets are from Africa. This doubles as blanket storage and often times a dog bed.

Image above: The driftwood on the stairs cutout was found on The Graham & Co. hotel property when we were renovating. It had washed up from the Esopus. I love finding things like this to drop in the house, just re-enforcing the indoor/outdoor feel.

Image above: The kitchen is my favorite place to be on the weekends. I love to cook and there is not as much time or space to do so in the city. It’s great to have such an open plan so I can cook while entertaining guests outside and in. The back kitchen wall is honed marble tile with no grout. The stools are white perforated Tolix.

Image above: The bed is the first prototype design for the beds at the hotel. I have to say, I don’t sleep better anywhere else but here. And when you wake up it’s like being in a treehouse, you really get the sense that you are up in the mountains.




Image above: This is a Tracey Emin print signed by the artist. The other is an original artwork by Bianca Barattini.






Image above: The bathroom tile was inspired by the fall 2011 Balenciaga ad campaign (and maybe a little Flashdance too). The tub and sink were salvaged from an old house upstate. A vampire bat taxidermy also adds to the rooms charm.


Image above: The back deck adds to the fact that the house sits on a mountain, the end of the deck actually cuts into the side of the hill and vegetation spills over.




Image above: The overall inspiration for the exterior was to create a “witch barn”. Basically just paint it black and let the exterior elements pop. It looks great in the summer and in the winter with 2 ft. of snow. The boards were stained black and attached with the rough side out to maintain a very flat and textured look, which relates back to the woods and mountain it sits on.

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  • Ok. This house is insanely beautiful!!! Which part of the Catskills is this place located?

  • In a word: stunning. The simplicity is pared-down elegance in pure form, with enough texture to create visual variety without detracting from the setting. One of the many faces of perfection, this place (though I’d likely add a few non-flowering plants).

  • Minimalist cozy! Where are your dining chairs from? I am looking for those exact type. And the dresser is perfection!

  • Are you kidding me? This is the perfect getaway. It would also be great all year long. What a lifestyle. Brooklyn and the mountains. Does it get any better than that? Color me green, as that tub and sink, with envy. I mean that in the best possible way. Great place and well done.

  • And which option is more likely to lead to work and decent pay?
    I would prefer furniture production but perhaps carpentry or joinery is a slightly safer bet?.

  • Um! Wow. I’ve pored over a *lot* of home tours throughout the past couple of years (here and elsewhere) and never have I seen one that so closely embodied my decorating fantasies. The vibe is restrained, yet full of character. I am head over heels in lust with the black ‘witch barn’ exterior and the not-quite-white interior walls. One of my first jobs in college was at a color consulting and architecture firm where I managed the color lab, mixed pigments, and spent an unbelievable quantity of time honing my vision for the perfect grayish whitish non-color paint color. This is pretty much it.

    Impeccable home and your photos are wonderful, Max!

  • Haha Sean – I am also a stick collector! I’m always getting strange looks from my husband when I pick up a fallen branch and say ‘this is quite a nice stick, isn’t it?’

  • What a gorgeous home. Scandinavian-style is my favorite aesthetic. So simple and bright! I’ve been loving black homes lately. There are a lot in old New England towns, albeit with different styles of siding.

    • I too would love to know what type of wood is the flooring, oak? and what the stain is.
      I just found this website and love seeing the mix.
      Thanks for info if you have it!

  • This house is so gorgeous! They must be incredibly proud, I’d never leave! So peaceful, I love the uncovered simplistic windows with that lush green, picturesque view. The gorgeous bed linen, the white walls offset with black fireplace and firewood storage crevice. The salvaged floor compliments this home in the woods perfectly. I love that they chose to colour the exterior black! Genius. That deck with the cheeky folk-inspired string of lights.. A slice of a magical wonderland. x

  • really incredibly gorgeous home. exactly what i want when we get around to purchasing our little place in the catskills!

  • Inspired and inspiring! I also own a contemporary house in the Catskills, and it never occurred to me to go so clean, crisp, calm. Like a clear night-time sky. I can imagine how wonderful it feels to walk in on Friday night.

  • This house is amazing. Love the look/style…thanks so much for sharing! Really random question but do you or does anyone know what kind of shampoo/conditioner is photographed in the bathroom? Any way to find out? Greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Hi – Thanks for all of the lovely comments! Hope this answers some of your questions:
    The chairs are Salt Chairs from Design Within Reach
    The floors are unfinished, just weathered from being outside. I think it is the wood (brazilian ipe) that gives it that matte look.
    The shampoo and conditioner are from The Graham & Co. Hotel (www.thegrahamandco.com).

  • What brand and stain color did you use for the exterior of the house? The color is amazing!

  • Beautiful home, thanks for letting us have a look inside. Are the bathroom towel hooks vintage or something that’s currently available? They caught my eye, just curious if you have a moment.

  • Beautiful!! I would love to know where the kitchen cabinetry is from. If its custom, what kind of material is the door made of and what’s the finish? And how does the tile with no grout work on the backsplash?


  • What a beautiful house. So calm and cozy at the same time. I was wondering who makes the leather chairs with black metal legs. I saw them in another design block a while ago, but haven’t been able to track them down. Thank you very much.

  • Such a beautiful oasis. I feel so calm & clean looking at it. Thank you for sharing.

    By the way, what’s the source for the white fruit bowl sitting on the kitchen counter – it appears to have some wood slats on it?

  • Love the entire treehouse cabin woodsy feel. It easily captures the minimal vibe without taking away from the modern design. Very inspiring.

  • Impeccable! Curious about a few sources/names:

    -the leather chairs
    -the black nesting accent tables
    -the deck lounge chairs


  • This home is impeccable! The black accents and wood floors balance the clean white simplicity throughout. I was wondering what to do with my drab white fireplace which is framed by white walls. ANSWER…bricks painted dramatic black.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • The house is beautiful. Can you give me details on the exterior stain? The brand and opacity?

  • This article inspired us to re-decorate our offices and our main student engagement center. Seeing it come together was a lesson in collaboration and compromise. Thank you for sharing such a great post.

  • This is truly a beautiful renovation. Was the roof pitch changed or did you keep the original roofline?

  • Great inspiration for my own remodel. Where did you source your windows? Love the big square window in the bedroom.

  • I know this is an old post but this is exactly the type of home my husband and I are looking to build but I can’t find a floor plan for it anywhere! Does anyone know where I can find one? And is this all one story? I can’t tell. Thanks!