5 Must-Have Decorating Apps

Fall always gets me in the mood to do a little home improvement. Lately, I’ve been painting everything black (interior doors, lampshades, you name it and my black paint-ladened brush is hitting it.), and I’ve also been organizing nearly everything in sight. Nesting is in full gear at Casa Azzarito. So for this week’s My Life Scoop, I’ve rounded up my 5 Must Have Decorating Apps. My favorite is the app that lets you create color palettes based on your photos. Click here for my full list! And let me know if I’ve left your favorite decorating app off the list. I’m always looking for good recommendations. -Amy




These are wonderful! I’m always on the lookout for new useful apps to try . . . thanks for the list!

Elizabeth W.

Sounds exciting! I too have been in full gear editing, creating, and adding a touch of black (and white) which gives such a nice bold and crisp sense of newness for the coming season.
Are you planning on revealing what you’ve done? Your last reveal was so stunning and beautiful. I’m sure we’d all love to see your progress!

Lauren Martin

Thank YOU! I’m moving in 2 weeks and trying to put all my “decorative ducks” in a row, I’m going to be checking out a lot of these. We’re moving into a smaller space so I want to be really organized and plan what furniture can come with us. Great/useful post!
Lauren M

Jeannie Davis

Could you please make a list for Android users? I recently switched from an I-phone to a Samsung Galaxy 4 Active, and I am very disappointed that the majority of GREAT apps are geared strictly toward I-phone/I-pad users. Any help would be much appreciated.