20 Designs Inspired by Kiernan Shipka’s Emmy Dress

by Grace Bonney

I’m going to cut to the chase: whoever is styling Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka deserves a huge raise. Not only is she the most age-appropriately dressed child actress around, but she looks consistently beautiful, fresh-faced and fun. Watching her grow up on the red carpet has been a complete joy and I’m so happy that she hasn’t yet run head-first into the land of sheer dresses, dark lipstick and clear spiked heels. She will forever be Sally Draper in my mind, so that sort of 60s innocence is probably unfair to project onto her, but I love that she manages to exude a sort of sweetness in everything she wears. Her Emmy dress (by Spanish design house, Delpozo) this year wasn’t universally loved, but I thought it was a breath of fresh air in a sea of solid-colored (although I loved this color) gowns and trains. Rather than lament the fact that I have neither the budget nor the age to match this dress, I decided to celebrate this look with some home goods inspired by the overall style. It make me cold outside, but I am all about this sunny yellow floral look right now. xo, grace

Image above via Getty Images


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Image above: 1. Botanical Journal $15 | 2. Petal Pusher Wallpaper $125 | 3. Petal Chandelier | 4. Cocktail Napkins $28 | 5. Gourd Vase $20| 6. Striped Pouf $275 | 7. Garden Stool $185 | 8. Striped Candles $24 | 9. Daisy Stud Earrings $42 | 10. Pink Poppy Knob

Image above: 1. Lulie Wallace Print $98 | 2. Napkin Set $24 | 3. Canvas Hamper $105 | 4. ‘My Love’ notecard set $17 | 5. Faceted Knob $6-$8 | 6. Flower Mirror $435 | 7. Bar Cart $950

Image above: Capiz Pendant $375

Image above: Tufted Rug $448+

Image above: Estate Garden Necklace $99

Image above: Dwell Studio Pillow $63

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