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Plaid At Home: 15 Ways to Bring The Pattern Inside

by Amy Azzarito


We’ve been loving all the plaid that’s popped up for Fall 2013 runway shows so we decided to pull some of our favorite plaid moments from home tours of the past few years. From cozy plaid throws and pillows to bright pink modern plaids, we’re loving this look from the runway to the hallway. Stay tuned for another plaid-inspired post next! xo, grace & amy

*If you’re curious about the history of Tartan plaids, click here and here to check out Amy’s Past & Present about one of our favorite patterns.

Image above: This dark plaid throw was inherited from the home owner’s grandparents. It’s the perfect foil to the Dwell Studio peacock bedding. See all the photos from this Omaha, Nebraska home right here.

Image above: Modern x-benches feel cabin-y when upholstered in a Ralph Lauren plaid and placed in front of a of dry-stacked firewood. See all the photos from this lakefront ranch in southern Oregon right here.

Image above: Plaid bedding feels modern when paired with a floral duvet. See all the photos of this 650 square foot Melbourne home right here.

Image above: A modern plaid throw brings a pop of color into this white bedroom. See all the photos of this Santa Barbara craftsman house (owned by a leather craftsman!) right here!

Image above: Pink plaid! YES! See all the photos of this Malmö, Sweden home right here.

Image above: This plaid throw was a souvenir from a vacation to England. Perfect for a cold fall evening. See all the photos from this Brooklyn home right here.

Image above: An easy to way to add a little plaid print? Hang a favorite plaid shirt. See all the photos from this home just outside of Boston right here.

Image above: Lydia & Julia have a beautiful plaid throw in their Philadelphia home. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A modern spin on mixed plaids in the home of Jenny from Dos Family. The full home tour is here.

Image above: A sweet plaid ottoman in Kristin & Michael’s Omaha home. The full home tour is here.

Image above: a hidden loft bedroom gets some extra coziness from a plaid blanket. The full home tour of Derek and Kristin is right here.

Image above: a plaid throw on the porch of Jess + Mr. Livey’s home. The full home tour is here.

Image above: a simple black and white plaid pillow in Luke and Oliver’s home. The full home tour is here.

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  • I love plaids!
    In fall and winter, I use a soft plaid as couch slipcover. Another one is just placed on the chair nearby.
    I think they make a cozy place where to read or listen to music or have a cup of tea with friends (or alone) :)
    Have a nice day
    Donatella (from Italy

  • Lovely! It’s a wonder how plaid makes everything seem much more comfortable and liveable. I would love to see a post like this but in tweed!

  • Always looking for creative ways to use plaid. Great post!! Love it in every color!! Plaid with florals is great, too (old English cottage), and sometimes with just plain white. I agree with Hollie. Tweed next?

  • what took you so long to make a plaid post? it’s just too perfect. plaid everything please!!

  • I’ve been wanting to add some plaid trim to the dark red curtains in my son’s room, but haven’t found fabric in the right weight and pattern yet. Any fave sources you’d like to share?

  • I’m also mad for plaid. Over labor day wknd, I took a plain white dresser they were throwing out where I teach and covered just the drawers with rectangles I cut of plaid tissue paper (decoupage glue, watered down, then varnish). Looks AMAZING! You could also do that with tin cans (we get giant food service ones at school and I also have used soup cans) or different boxes for storage. I do water down the glue a bit.

    I’m almost done with a rug I’m crocheting for the study. I used two bright plaids and two bright solids and made yarn out of fabric strips. Looks really good!

    My next plaid project: I bought some plaid scarves (the cashmere ones they sell at street fairs in NYC for $5) in two colors. I felted them in the wash and have to cut and use my serger to sew a throw.

  • I live in Scotland and would recommend Spirit of Wood in Aberfeldy – they have some great tartan chairs and accessories at the moment! The shop is fantastic and set in Perthshire – one of the most beautiful regions of Scotland. Sadly, I don’t think their website reflects the actual shop which is well worth a visit!