Whigby Thermometers + Our Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

by Maxwell Tielman


You probably don’t need to be told how hot it is outside this summer. But just in case you do need to be told, why not do it in style? These window thermometers, manufactured by the Toronto-based company Whigby, are about as adorable as they are functional. Coming in four different styles, from popsicles to abominable snowmen, they’ll have you thinking cool thoughts even if the sidewalk could cook a fried egg. And speaking of cool thoughts, we thought it high time to share with you some of our own favorite tips for staying cool during summer’s hottest days. We’ll be going through all of them in our weekly newsletter, along with our other  summer essentials, so be sure to sign up! Check out the rest of Whigby’s retro-chic thermometers after the jump. Keep cool, everybody! —Max


Above images: Rainbow Popsicle Thermometer, Aphrodite Thermometer



Above image: Yeti Boy Thermometer


Above image: Devil Boy Thermometer

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