The Turbo Flyer by Tait Design Co.

by Grace Bonney

Growing up, I always appreciated a toy that allowed you to lose yourself in a solo activity for hours. My go-to toy was the classic Skip It, but I also loved kits or puzzles that required assembly and could be done on a rainy afternoon without siblings or other hands to help. While I didn’t spend a ton of time on model airplanes, I always loved the packaging in which they came. The slightly retro feel combined with the promise of something so full of fun and lightness always seemed like a good time. Thirty years later I’m still swayed by a beautiful plane kit and this one is handmade by a fantastic artist/designer living outside of Detroit.

Matthew Tait has always loved vintage toys and decided to apply his design skills to the classic hobby shop airplane. Producing everything by hand, Matthew makes each plane in his studio and packs them in beautiful cardboard boxes that close with a satisfying Velcro snap. I love how considered every detail of this kit has been and think it would make such a lovely gift for so many people- from a younger person in your family to the oldest design fan you know. Click here to check out Matthew’s design in more detail and order your own. xo, grace


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