The Minimalist


There is something so compelling about the idea of a monochrome interior. For one thing, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing things for the home. Is it black, white, or worth the pop of color? If not, scrap it! The idea of living in such a restrained space seems like it must also be, counterintuitively, somewhat liberating—it’s a place free of visual clutter, a place that provides drama and beauty through graphic punches and thoughtfully curated white space. I spend my fair share of time perusing home blogs that promote this brand of monochrome/scandinavian style (oh, hey, Door Sixteen, Emma’s Designblogg, Design & Form, and A Merry Mishap!), and oftentimes I find myself wishing for a one-stop-shop for all things monochrome. WELL—as it just so happens, now there is one! Enter The Minimalist, an Australia-based shop featuring unique, pared-down designs hand-picked from around the globe. As I browsed through The Minimalist’s stateside web shop, I found myself coveting practically every single thing I came across, mentally furnishing my fantasy Black & White dream home. Check out more photos of The Minimalist’s minimalist wares after the jump! —Max


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Love love. This is so welcome in an enviroment like mine where everybody throws their stuff at me and bombs me with their massive load of thoughts. Thanks.


A monochrome interior in black and white is my dream! Dealing with color and design all day I sometimes long for a calm organized black and white home!


Great stuff! Creating a pleasing monochrome interior is not as easy as it seems. If done right the result is pure and serene. White is also clean and relaxing. We just finished an apartment in white, where the challenge was to incorporate multiple functions to a small space. Choosing a monochromatic color scheme helped in making the space feel larger.


I’m really loving the colors in this. Black and white together make an excellent look.