The Beauty Everyday Book

In my head, there is a tiny part of me that is always in Georgia. I will never forget the first time I stepped foot in Savannah and drove around that part of the state getting to know the people and places that would end up feeling like home in a way I’d never experienced. That feeling extended north when I visited Athens for the first time. Amy and I spent a truly magical day there for the book tour in 2011 and came away so inspired by the fantastic wealth of talent and creativity in town. We’d long admired Rinne Allen, Rebecca Wood and Kristen Bach‘s work with Beauty Everyday (as well as their solo work), so when we got to spend time with them, visit their homes and enjoy a delicious meal with them, it was heaven. I’ve eagerly awaited their next project and am so thrilled to share it here today: the Beauty Everyday book.


Ten years ago, Rinne and Rebecca had a dream to create a book with 365 photographs. One for each day, the book’s photographs would celebrate everyday beauty found in small places: bubble wrap, ribbon, plant stems, etc. Now after years of thinking and planning the book is a reality and it is officially ready for sale. Full of photos taken in and around Athens, Georgia (with an index of where they were taken), the Beauty Everyday book has 420 pages of serious southern beauty. In addition to the gorgeous interior, the book itself has a custom-dyed cloth cover and a beautiful gilded illustration by Rebecca. Rinne says the book is, “intended to be an inspiration, a refuge, a reference” and it is all that and more. I cannot wait to see this in person and be inspired by all of the gorgeous everyday moments these women have captured. Click here to check out the book in more detail and order a copy online. xo, grace

Chris DeLisle

A great concept for contemplative inspiration. The simplicity is brilliant & the photographs, lovely, I’ll look forward to adding this to my studio library. Chris

rinne allen

thank you for your consistent support & encouragement of our community down here in Athens, Georgia!
– rinne & beauty everyday


How lovely Grace, thanks for sharing! What a great idea and wonderful gift for anyone from GA.

Kayli Schattner

Wow, this is such a beautiful collection of work- I’d definitely look into buying! I also love Georgia, by the way. It’s a magical place!

Proud Papa

So great to see this marvelous book admired far and wide