Summer = Neon

I love a good neon accent just as much as the next girl (my toes have been one neon color or another all summer long). As the days grow shorter and cooler, I feel like I need some ways to bring summer inside. And while it’s certainly not hard to find a great neon accent, when we spotted this trays in Homenature on our team trip to the Hamptons, the three of us literally stopped in our tracks. These AVF Fearless Trays literally glowed (you can get the effect in the photo below – that’s not lighting – that’s how awesome these guys are). The trays glow whenever light shines on them. They are made from a cell cast acrylic and the faceted and beveled edges help reflect and magnify the color. They are definitely an investment so they might stay on my wish list a little longer while I count my pennies. But they make such a statement, it seems worth the sacrifice. (Bring on that ramen!) Purchasing details here.    -Amy

Photography by Maxwell Tielman



Heather Zappo

Those are incredible! LOVE!! The turquoise one would look amazing on my bright orange leather cocktail ottoman. Ramen…here I come! ;)

Kelly Jo

I’m in love with those trays and I never would have found them without this post. Thank you for highlighting colorful innovation.