Sneak Peek: Best of Black


This month marks my 4th year living in France, and as I put together this post I couldn’t help but laugh at the increased role of black in my wardrobe as something classic, yet practical. When it comes to homes, black is not one of the most popular color choices, but at the same time it doesn’t come out as harsh as one may think. This round-up shows the way that basic black can in fact add a sense of sophistication. –Anne

Image above: Inspired by another sneak peek Emma Reddington painted black over wallpaper in her Victorian style home in Toronto.

9_emmaImage above: More use of black in an unlikely place for Emma Reddington, but softened by natural and organic elements.

8_jasonImage above: Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow used India ink to stain their hallway floors a true black.

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2zoeImage above: Zoe Johns and Max Catalano couldn’t decide on a paint color for their powder room, so they ended up with chalkboard paint with 10% white added.

1sarah2sarahImages above: Photographers Lou Mora and Sarah Yates show the way that color can play off a black chalkboard wall in their Los Angeles home.

13percyImage above: A bold and classic black kitchen in this Brooklyn home designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

3christy-500x750Image above: Chris and Christy Thiesse‘s fireplace they painted glossy black in their Long Beach home.



1susannaImages above: In their Helsinki, Finland home Susanna and Jussi Vento had a local automobile painter pain their table black.

12_jasonImage above: Black is a continuous theme in the home of Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow. These doors were found at a salvage yard and painted black.

18baileyImage above: A more manly bathroom in the Austin, Texas home of Pete and Bailey McCarthy.

71sarahdavisonImage above: Black in the kitchen of Sarah Davison‘s Sydney home.

4_BPASCUAImage above: Bernadette Pascua and Andrew Stinson wanted a moody feel to their bedroom so they painted it black.

bestof_bw_bernadette_pascuaImage above: A touch of glam with a black vanity in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn home of Bernadette Pascua and Andrew Stinson.

1David-500x750Image above: David Kimelman and Kevin Burke hosted a DIY chalk party with friends to help give some personality to their black chalkboard wall.

2_jasonImage above: Black bottomed claw foot tub in the Williamsburg home of  Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow.

Image above: Jennifer Hagler keeps her Boise home simple with black and white.

brinson_9Image above: Susan and William Brinson used an embossed wall paper you can paint (they used outdoor, high gloss paint) to give their kitchen an “older” feel.

N. Savage + J. Nocito WeddingImage above: Laura Aviva‘s glossy black bedroom floor. She prefers to keep her bedroom sparse.

17_kirraImage above: A black bathroom in the Melbourne home of Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett.


laurenbradshaw16Images above: Lauren Bradshaw‘s son’s room double as her husband’s work space.


I’ve been trying to convince my husband we should paint our bathroom black and he just insists it’ll look like a bar bathroom. Definitely going to show him this!

Juliette Gold

I really like black in interior design. I think it carries a very prominent statement of something more modern and straightforward yet classic and reserved. It’s a very interesting color to play with.


Guys. Guys, seriously. This is probably my favorite post you’ve ever done. I swooned over every photo!!!! Off to paint my house black!


The use of black in these designs is so elegant. I especially like the kitchens.


Love the black floor and the bathroom. I put a black beadboard island in my kitchen, and I think the beadboard takes the edge of the black (if no edge is desired).


I love dark walls – it adds so much character to a space. And that shower (Pete & Bailey McCarthy) is just so gorgeous!

Sarah from a fine line

I like the idea of a black floor, and I really do like all of these images, but I can’t imagine painting a room in my small low-light city home all black.


Its so womanly, manly, sophisticated, graphic, sharp, elegant, fail safe, timeless and ALWAYS adds gravitas! Beautiful post!

Michelle Carles

Gorgeous interiors! So inspired by this post. I’m seeing the use of black and white in the near future… Thanks for sharing!

Michelle |


Normally I always feel like black closes off a space, but these rooms are all so airy and open. I love it! Thank you for sharing!



ANY COLOR AS LONG AS IT’S *BLACK*. perfect inspirations, i luvv black, thank you for a great article!

Naken Interiors

These are some fabulous examples of uses Black in interior design. It is a big step to start painting the walls Black but I is accompanied extremely well with White, as displayed above.

Alison Johnson

Yes very classy – our new satin powder coated radiator covers in black and white (interchangeable if you choose more than one radiator cover the same size) would fit perfectly with any of these classy room schemes or our one of our designer black and white lacy or ethereal designs


I’ve never seen the color black used like this before. It looks better than I thought it would. I’m getting some new ideas from this. Thank you :)

Diva T

OMG…I could live in some of those bathrooms. Austin, Texas shower is ridiculous and I want it. WOW!


The first pic Awesome, I love to work on that table and chair. Really it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Kirsten Hansen

This is the BEST issue by FAR! Stunning! I ADORE the power that black has. I have been trying, to no avail so far, to convince by husband to let me paint the fireplace black. Black on a textured background is simply gorgeous, especially in a white room, and it makes all other colours pop beautifully.

I saved the expense of refinishing the wide plank wooden floors in the upstairs hallway by painting them black and putting down colourful patterned Indian runners and it’s the most beautiful place in the house so far! As an artist I’m convinced that black makes everything around it more beautiful.