Living In The Video: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This week marks August’s half-way point, meaning that we are almost on our way to September and the end of summer. I don’t know about you, but these final weeks of the season instill in me a certain type of restlessness—a desire to get out and make the most of the remaining warm weather and vacation days before everybody gets back into their usual groove. This is why Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by the legendary Ms. Cyndi Lauper, seemed so pertinent. Produced for a mere $35,000 (pennies as far as major music videos are concerned), the video is a true testament to people’s desire to just have fun. Rather than spending the big bucks on cast members, Lauper was able to enlist her friends and colleagues to take part in this frenzied Lower-East-Side dancing spree. Lauper’s mother, brother, manager, and even attorney play bit parts in the video, heeding its timeless call to celebration. Don’t let these last August days go to waste, y’all! Take a page from Cyndi’s playbook and don some winged sunglasses, your best frazzled red hair, and as much jewelry as your body can possibly hold, and go have fun! —Max


1. Blue Hair Highlighter | 2. Pink Jacquard Dress | 3. Top Hat | 4. Pink Heels | 5. “Electric Lava” Manic Panic Hair Dye | 6. Faux Pearl Belt | 7. Faux Fur Stole | 8. Fingerless Gloves | 9. Vintage Pyrex Bowl



1. Winged Sunglasses | 2. Betsey Johnson Leopard Pajamas | 3. Crosley Vintage-Style Phone | 4. Portable Floral Turntable | 5. Benjamin Moore “Posy Pink” Paint | 6. Sequined Pillowcase | 7. Earrings | 8. Foam Hair Rollers | 9. Bangles | 10. Metalhead Sunglasses


I remember watching this video over and over again! Still love the clothes and fashion from the 80’s. I have tons of fun 80’s jewelry on my website! Love it.


Oh dear god, I needed this today! My daughters and I used to LOVE her! I sent a text to them to get on this site immediately for a great energy and mood booster!
Thanks so much for posting this video. Cyndi Lauper is just the BEST! (and I turned 64 this past Monday. Ssshhhhhhhh!!)


Oh darn, I thought this was going to be about the movie, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, starring a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. I LOVED that movie, the fashion in it is amazing! It would be another good film for a future ‘Living In’ column. Keep up the great work.

Debra Matlock

I still bust out the copper eyeshadow/brick lipstick look (at 2mins in) every so often.


My daughter is obsessed with CL! She dressed as her for Halloween last year and plans to have a CL-inspired 80s birthday party this year. Thanks to this post, I now know that we’ll be getting her that floral turntable as a gift!

Susan Brinson

Love that you are doing videos! Wile I love movies, videos are so over the top and the styling is so awesome! I have a Pinterest board called ‘videos I wish I directed’. Obsessed.


You made my day! I’m at work at Hawaiian Airlines ! Such an upper & so many good memories!