Isabel Halley Ceramics

I can’t remember the last time I was excited about both the launch of a company and their continued collections a year later. But that is absolutely the case with Of a Kind. Erica and Claire have been seriously crushing it with their incredible collaborations that highlight up and coming designers, as well as some majorly established ones. During our radio interview last year, the girls mentioned moving into homewares a bit more, so I’ve been excited to see what sort of goods would show up that crossed over into our niche a bit more. Their latest edition, the Three Stripes Porcelain Bowl by Isabel Halley, is a great example.

Isabel’s tripled-glazed porcelain bowl has a distinctly hand-pinched look and is accented by 22-karat gold stripes that shine like no one’s business. While it’s food safe and perfect for the table, I’d be tempted to fill these with small collections of jewelry so I could still see all of the stripes and not lose them behind fruit, etc. Each of Isabel’s bowls are handmade, so they’ll change a bit from piece to piece, but they measure roughly eight inches in diameter by three inches tall. Click here to read more about the collection, the artist and to place an order ($135). xo, grace


Kinda reminds me of a sea shell. If they grew into the shape of a bowl, very pretty bowls.


How pretty! I love anything with an organic shape like these and that gold accent is perfect!

xx Erin

Shawna @ The Sky Parlor

I love Of a Kind. Always look forward to new releases from them. This bowl caught my eye too – the triple gold stripe detailing is stunning. I like the idea of using it for jewelry, because then I could admire it everyday!