Human/House/Harvey: Tropical

Human House Harvey, tropical
Confession: I am the BIGGEST Golden Girls fan you will ever meet.  Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia hold a very special place in my heart, now and forever.  One thing I loved most about the show was the amazing Floridian-tropics decor that graced these ladies home.  From the graphic palm frond wallpaper in Blanche’s room to the Rattan and floral printed seating in the family room, these ladies had the tropical aesthetic mastered. So in homage to the fab four, I thought I’d gather up some current tropical favorites for me, my home and my pup, who also happens to adore our Golden Girl marathon weekends! –Stephanie

HUMAN – While some may choose to spice up an outfit with jewelry, hats and or scarves, I’m all about the shoes.  I think shoes are the best way to add a pop of color and flair to any outfit and these tropical beauties are calling my name.

HOUSE – Anthropologie has really captured my eye lately with some of their patterned fabric chairs, and this tropical floral number is no exception.  I could definitely see this chair brightening up my bedroom.

HARVEY – Is there anything more adorable than a Lilly Pulitzer tropical print dog bow tie? Nope.  There really isn’t.


Rarely, I find prints that I like. Especially flower prints with ostentatious colors. But the house design is wonderful. It works so well on that chair!