Human/House/Harvey: Gold

Human House Harvey, gold
I find it so interesting how you make personal style transitions over time. I used to be all about silver as my go to choice for jewelry.  You’d never see a drop of gold in my home at all. But in recent years, I’ve started integrating more and more gold into my life and have really come to embrace it as my new favorite.  You might even say (if you’re a fan of cheesy phrases like myself) that I struck literal gold with this new found love and now I can’t get enough of it! Here are a few current favorites for me, my home and my pup. –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’m a simpleton when it comes to my jewelry choices, but these classic stackable gold rings add a bit of lovely intrigue with the pointed design.

HOUSE – I think the only thing holding me back from having fabulous cocktail parties every weekend is the fact that I don’t (yet) own this fabulous gold crosshatch decanter. It will be mine!

HARVEY – If your pup is anything like Mr. Harvey, they can appreciate some bling.  This golden Nicole Miller dog bowl would make for a glamourous piece of dog flair for sure.

Shawna @ The Sky Parlor

I know what you mean! Used to be strictly silver for me, but now I’m warming to gold. Thanks for sharing that lovely bowl – always fun splurging on my rescue pups.

Kate (@shoegirlinDE)

I am so right there with you! I used to hate gold, with a passion. Now, I can’t get enough. Why was I fighting it for all those years? Style evolution is a lot of fun, if not a bit expensive when tastes change. ;)


Oh my gosh, I went through the *same* transition! Perhaps it’s a sign of maturity… ;)