Human/House/Harvey: Bicycles

Human House Harvey, Bikes
Riding my bike is definitely my new favorite summer activity. I was definitely inspired to cruise the streets of sunny So Cal after watching the DS team’s fun bike riding series, and now I just can’t get enough of it.  So this week’s theme is dedicated to my new fave past time with some fun bicycle items for me, my home and my pup! Easy riding y’all! –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’ve always dreamed of a life where I could ditch my car and solely use my bike for all my transportation needs (it’s a little tricky here in the suburbs of LA). And in my this dream life, I have an amazing bike with an amazing bag, like this beauty.

HOUSE – In my continuing effort to grow my dinnerware collection, I think this fun and whimsical  dish set is just perfect.

HARVEY – I recently bought my Mr. Harvey a sweet new cart to attach to the back of my bike so we can cruise together, but if he was a tiny little fella, this adorable basket would be my preferred method of transport.


I love that dog basket! Too bad my Aussie would never, ever stay put in one.