Geometrics at A+R

When I was in Los Angeles for a quick trip earlier this year, I found myself rushing to A+R before our flight back to the east coast. We had 40 minutes to spare and I figured that a quick trip to A+R and Tortoise was the way to spend it. I wanted just about every beautiful neon thing in the store, but managed to practice restraint and come away with just a tiny hot pink notebook I could use for work. But now there are a few more pieces I’m tempted to bring home, should I find myself in LA again. These gorgeous lamps above are from Colonel, a new collaboration between French designers Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet. The Dowood table lights are made of a thin sycamore shade and a steel wire base that get a little extra help from brightly-colored hand-painted geometric shapes. I love the color combinations (the pink is my fav), but mostly I love how sweet and simple they feel. They remind me of a more contemporary version of the retro home designs Todd Oldham use to make on House of Style back in the 90s.

A+R also has some great geometric mugs from one of my favorites, Barbara Bestor. Barbara’s Bohemian Modern book remains one of my top 10 all-time design books and her highly geometric take on patterns and prints is always welcome in my home. Her L.A. Cube Mug Set was inspired by the color palette of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and reminds me of sunny California weather. You can check out the set of four mugs and order online right here. xo, grace

Sara Stein

THANK YOU for including Barbara Bestor’s Collection “Sisters of Los Angeles” – these mugs are limited edition and we are so excited to have them in Rose & Andy’s amazing store!


A + R is so rad, I have have HAVE to get myself out to LA soon anyway, definitely can’t forget to pop by when I do so.