From The Archives: A Polish Cottage In Black & White



Gorgeous spaces… Everything is in details. I love it, bathroom’s amazing. Love this !

Juliane at Modern Mural

I love the boldness of the black and white. Not too minimal–all the little touches of color and wood make it feel warm and exciting. Love the hanging wall art.


What is happening to Design Sponge lately? I’ve been really disappointed with all the “From the Archive” posts and really hope this is just a phase…

Maxwell Tielman

Hi, Allison— we’re actually on vacation this week, so we’re running some of our favorite items from the archives. We usually take the last week of August to recharge before September. Back to normal content next week!

Shawna @ The Sky Parlor

Love all the contrast and texture. It’s so nice that they left the raw wood of the ceiling beams alone. The rustic architectural details really add charm.


I adore all the contrast and texture. But my favorite part is the rawness, and simplicty, of the exposed ceiling beams. They complete the rooms.

Maria @ sustainable aesthetics

Wow I love all of the tables in this home. The simplicity of the living room table, as well as the other conference style black table. Great idea for the computer desk and craft table to be covered in the picnic tablecloth, would’ve never thought of that.