Brooklyn Plates

Despite the deep love I feel for the borough I’ve called home for the past ten years, I rarely celebrate it in product form. It’s felt like everyone and their brother bought a Brooklyn hat, t-shirt, tote bag or print the last few years, so I preferred to quietly give Brooklyn all of my hard-earned money in rent form instead. But then I saw these plates. Not only are they intended for my favorite food (pizza!) but they’re also bold, bright and super duper red. They’re $8 a piece and, at that price, would be fun to buy a full set of so you could spruce up your weekend pizza get together*. xo, grace

*If you don’t have one of these yet, I highly recommend it. Perhaps pizza while watching Orange Is The New Black? My new guilty pleasures in one event- score.

Zandra Zuraw

Oh, these are great! It would be really fun if there were a few cities and you could have a full set of plates, one of each.

jayne daly

absolutely in LOVE
love anything great w brooklyn on them
i have evert t shirt and hat that ever exited thanks for sharing


As a fellow Brooklynite I agree with letting Marty Markowitz and my own obnoxious accent do the talking, rather than words on merchandise. However, these are great! How quickly will we see these in the restos?


I love these! My husband and I might move to DC and these would be a great memento of our time here. And we’re hooked on that show, too!


I’m from the Riverdale section of the Bronx (near Wave Hill!), went to high school and college in Manhattan, and then lived for 8 years in Brooklyn before we moved west to Colorado. The explosion of all-things Brooklyn is getting to be a bit much, but you’re right- these plates are adorable and at an $8 price-point they won’t break the bank. That said, I think it’s time Queens, the Bronx Staten Island take over for a bit because Brooklyn can use a break (especially after the most recent feature in Vogue, oy gevalt!).