Before & After: A Brightened, Whitened Bathroom


If you’ve seen the movie Helveticayou likely remember the scene in which graphic designer Michael Bierut exasperatedly discusses the rebranding of the world in the modern typeface. “There was a time,” he says fervently, “when it just felt so good to take something that was old, dusty, homemade, and crappy looking and replace it with HELVETICA. It just must have felt like you were scraping the crud off of filthy old things and restoring them to shining beauty… It must have seemed like you had crawled through a dessert with your mouth just caked with filthy dust and somebody just offered you a nice, refreshing, distilled, icy glass of water.” This is pretty much how I feel about this whole “white” trend.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more people scraping away the proverbial dust in their homes and replacing it with the simplest solution possible: white. And while many people of years past might have bemoaned the non-color’s lack of personality or originality, it seems that today, this couldn’t be further from the case. This bathroom, sent to us by graphic designer Cat Grishaver, illustrates just how beautifully white (and erring on the side of simplicity) can transform a previously ragtag, mismatched space. “We wanted the bathroom to feel in keeping with our home’s 107-year-old Craftsman style,” Cat said, “but with a few modern, nature-inspired touches.” To accomplish this, Cat and her husband Dan decided the best course of action was to minimize. With classic touches like subway tiles from Home Depot and butcher block from IKEA, the results are as timeless as they are stylish. Check out the full restoration after the jump! —Max

CGrishaverBathDuring CGrishaverBath1

Above image: Shower Curtain from West Elm. Paint is “Power Lunch” by Miller Paint. Subway tiles from Home Depot. Cedar bathmat from Soko Hardware in San Francisco.


Above image: Mirror from West Elm, Wire Basket from Storables. Shelving is IKEA butcher block.


Above image: Cup holder from Rejuvenation.

CGrishaverBath5 CGrishaverBath6

Above image: Soap dish from IKEA.


Above image: Blue vase from Heath Ceramics. Bird vase from New People. Candle from Pacifica.

CGrishaverBath8 CGrishaverBath9

Above image: Koi painting by Kunio Kaneko.



Love it! Do you know the name of the paint color on the walls? Thanks!


I am totally in love with subway tile. This bathroom redo is great!

i am pam

i had a similar bathroom before and after. I went all white too and I love it. if i need to add a pop of color…i buy new towels!

Lovely Mrs E

I loved the before. Seems wasteful to tear up a space that perhaps better lighting could have helped to brighten.


I think the source for the wall sconce got cut off. Can you tell me where it’s from? Thanks. Beautiful bath!


The built-in bathroom cabinet is brilliant, and the basin looks like a great size for smallish spaces. Any tips on where to find both?


I think you might miss the darker grout if you don’t have cleaning services. There might have been a more affordable solution with removing the checkered tile, paint, and lighting the space properly.


I am about to embark on a bathroom redo and will also use white as the foundation. I have a question about sconces – does anyone have ideas or comments about whether they should cast the light up or down? Thanks!


My comment has nothing to do with the after and is prompted by the before pic of the toilet with lid up. My plumber informed me that there is a reason toilets have lids. Flushing sprays up water droplets into the air and they travel through the air and settle onto your toothbrush, onto your skin, in your hair … grossed out yet? The lid should therefore be put down BEFORE you flush. So, for those of you having fights with roommates/spouses over the up vs down of seats, forget the seat and put the LID is down every time.


Awesome butcher block shelving! Was this custom made from Ikea butcher block countertop or what?


Did I understand correctly that you didn’t change the white goods?
I ask because I couldn’t have another toilet NOT fixed to the wall but standing on the floor….
Apart from that I fully agree with Catherine (above) re the lid – and a good ‘explanation’ for why this should be so.
Everything looks so wonderfully fresh, clean and if there is one room in a home that may be white, it is the bathroom.
We re-did three so far, all are white with checker-board floors (there IS another colour but not overwhelmingly so) and a border in the same colour at a hight where it suits you (aligned with wash basin, toilet flush or mirror). They look stunning and one feels already fresh and clean before taking that shower!

Anni at Nothin' But the Rent

Perfect! Simple and clean without being clinical and I LOVE that shelving unit made of butchers block… the wood against the white tile and grey walls is what makes it so inviting.

Diva T

Oooooo and ahhhhh. Home spa! Love the artwork and little unexpected touches.


Just love the transformation. You did a great job of the space. Where did you get the ceramic cat?


Question: we are doing a similar bathroom renovation. Do you have any problems with water compromising your window’s wood trim? Is the trim (and the window itself) wood? Is there a specialty marine paint or sealant used? It all looks great. Thanks!

ms. lenny williams

what was the budget on this? my husband and i are in the market for a ‘fixer-upper’ and see lots of bathrooms like your ‘before’. would love to know if this type of remodel is budget-friendly….