Bar Sajor: A bright, beautiful Seattle Restaurant


Photographs by Belathée Photography

When Annabel Braithwaite and Dorothée Brand of Belathée Photography happened upon Seattle’s Bar Sajor, they felt as if they were transported to a different place entirely. Located in the city’s Pioneer Square in a historic brick building, “the feeling of the decor and overall space feels more like Barcelona or elsewhere in southern Europe,” Dorothée notes. “Canned fruits and vegetables and dried flowers are lined up on the open kitchen counter and the high ceilings and large windows give a sense of freedom.”

Bar Sajor’s interior beautifully balances a line between simple refinement and gilded decadence, with thoughtfully curated elements like white beadboard wainscoting and lavish, Rococo-esque wall installations by local artist Tamara Codor. This subtle game of complements and contrasts seems to echo the restaurant’s gastronomic endeavors. The head chef and owner, Matt Dillon, cooks all of Bar Sajor’s food by wood flame, something that, on one hand, harkens back to a simpler time, but also allows for a delightfully new sensory experience. Check out all of Annabel and Dorothée’s photos of this stunning space after the jump! —Max

barsajor_2 barsajor_3 barsajor_4 barsajor_5 barsajor_6

A few notes on the wall decor: “When Matt was in the design phase for Bar Sajor he happened to visit the Codor Design showroom and see our new Objet Trouve Mirror collection,” Tamara Codor says. “He wanted to do an instillation above the open stoves and gave us very few restrictions: use food items, anything related to cooking, fishing, flowers and animals, no pigs..and a little color and a lot of gold. All of the objects in the mirrors are found at thrift stores, then assembled, plastered, and painted. The small Blue Bird mirror was the final addition to the space. It is a small sweet mirror covered in flowers and birds, more of a little jewel for a side corner of the restaurant.”

barsajor_7 barsajor_8 barsajor_9 barsajor_10 barsajor_11 barsajor_12 barsajor_13 barsajor_14 barsajor_15 barsajor_16 barsajor_17 barsajor_18 barsajor_19 barsajor_20

“Bar Sajor is located in the old waterfront part of town,” Tamara says. “Shipping and boating are still a strong presence in Seattle, so I wanted to do a nautical mirror. But not traditional nautical. The mirrors have a more mythical feel, leaning more towards Homer’s Odyssey. Lots of oyster shells from Matt’s other restaurants were used in the pieces.”

barsajor_21 barsajor_22 barsajor_23 barsajor_24


You should check out the Corson Building, another one of Dillon’s amazing and beautiful restaurants. Every year they host an awesome Bastille Day party.


I was just talking to my husband last night about wanting to try this place! Funny to see a post about here this morning…must be a sign, I better go tonight. :)

jose brooks

this place doesn’t seem real…and I mean that in the best way possible.

Isabelle K

complements not compliments. If you need an editor, I’m available!


whoa – those missors are amazing. i looked at the artist’s website – stunning.


Wow! Gorgeous space. I feel transported as well. I would love to know the source of the black bar stools. Many thanks in advance!


This is so beautiful!

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Anthony Prior

Does anyone know where the ribbed glass sphere lampshade is from (the one in the first photo?