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A Mediterranean-inspired Spanish beachhouse

by Amy Azzarito

For most of the week, Federico Gimenez lives  in Almería, a Spanish city with a population of 150.000 that boasts a moorish fortress, a cathedral and a port. But whenever he can pull free from his graphic design job and city life, he drives 40 minutes away to his Mediterranean beach house,  in the heart of a natural park, Cabo de Gata, in Andalucía. The area is renowned for its natural beauty – the beaches and wild landscapes. The house is are only 10 minutes from  the beach where Indiana Jones and the last Crusade was filmed and has been the location for many other films such as Cleopatra and Lawrence of Arabia etc. Lately, Ridley Scott has been filming his new movie in Cabo de Gata. (Info on the area here and from this NYT article.) When Federico bought the house, it needed a lot of work, as well as furnishings. So he scoured antique markets and vintage stores for bargains like the living room sofas, which he found for 50€ and then reupholstered in a Mediterranean-inspired bright blue. (If you have plans for a Spain beach vacation, you can rent this house on Airbnb.) Thank you Federico! –Amy

Image above: This is the upstairs bedroom. The portrait is from eBay France. The bed is from Natura Accent and the horns were found from a second hand dealer. (Natura Accent is part of a company called Interia from Valencia. They have brands like Thai Natura – they don’t have their own store but I found the bed at a professional fair in Madrid.)

Image above: For this bedroom, I created the headboard using two mirrors from a terrible ’80s furniture piece like this. These pieces were very popular in Spain and can be found in many a grandmother’s house.


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Image above: The bureau is a personal interpretation of a traditional  Bargueño. I made it with an old Spanish table and a interior chest of drawers.

Image above: I made the coffee table using some cement tiles from a demolished house.

Image above: The Miró poster is an original from the 1972 Miró exposition in Sala Gaspar (Barcelona).

Image above: The bath, with its marble sink is original to the house.


Image above: The kitchen was built by a local construction worker using four cabinet doors from the 1950s from my grandmother’s house.  All the vintage hardware was rusted so I to them to a garage to get chrome plating.

Image above: I found the marquee letter discarded in the street so I rescued it and gave it a second life in the kitchen. The blue and white piece was very popular in all kitchens in ’50s in Spain so it not difficult to find one. I found mine in a second-hand store.




Image above: The outside of the house is the best part.  In summer, the nights are fresh and starry. We have a wonderful weather all the year round with 68 degree median temperatures so you can use the outdoor space all the year. The outdoor shower is great when you came from the beach. Take a shower and then eat a paella and a cold beer under the pergola – my paradise.

Image above: The big cushions are from “Aloja do Gato Preto” and the smaller are from a street market in Lucca in the Tuscany. Both are made from kilims.

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  • This is just about the dreamiest thing I’ve ever seen. Totally absolutely gorgeous. Where are the tiles from in the kitchen? Maybe a reader can suggest an online source that we Americans can co-opt to recreate the feeling of this home?

  • This is so beautiful and inspiring. I love that with all of the outdoor spaces it really doesn’t seem to matter that the inside is slightly on the petite side. I would sleep out on that rooftop every night if I had the chance. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • So Lovely!

    where o’ where can I find those wood and round/woven tray tables by the bed…?
    I would love something similar for my bedside tables!

  • What a fun and colorful place. I want to got to there as Tina Fey would say. Well done and the choice of blues…relaxing.

  • love the place and the dacor. I love the idea for the coffee table. how did you put the tiles together?

  • I love the coffee table made from colonial tiles, we have those here in Costa Rica. The pillows on the couch are fabulous. Using hand painted and patterned pillows of different sizes makes it look so casual. The kilim pillows on the patio are gorgeous. I checked out the website, what a fun place! This article had so many great ideas, it’s fun to see what can be incorporated into one’s own home. Thank you!

  • I had the huge chance to spend 5 wonderful days in Federico’s house last week and I didn’t want to leave… It was absolutely perfect in all ways and the surroundings are really to be seen. The terrace is heaven on earth, I wish I could have stayed there forever…

  • That blue and white cupboard/drawer piece in the kitchen is what I want. What are they called? I don’t remember ever seeing one here in the States, but now I’ll know to look…WOW would that be a great item for a making/crafts room!

  • I would like to make a coffee table like the one pictured, with tiles. Can you tell me how you did that and where I can get the tiles? I have a glass table top coffee table that looks like the one you have there, only the glass is really scratched up. I would like to replace the glass with tiles. Thank you!