For some reason I always shy away from writing about beautiful knives. There’s something about them that reminds some people of violence or aggression, but to me they’re just another tool to have in my kit that, when used safely and responsibly, helps me feel more in control of tasks around the apartment. Even if I mostly end up using knives to tear open plastic packaging around dog toys and new dust busters, they’re functional and awfully helpful when scissors just won’t cut it. These gorgeous handmade knives were made by Adam at Workerman using hardwoods and steel from New Zealand. I’m particularly taken with the maple and dark blue lacquer style above, but there are some beautiful un-painted woods as well. I find I always need something sturdy around the house like this for boxes, etc. so if you’re in the market for a beautifully made knife that will serve a multitude of household functions, click here to check out and shop Adam’s selection online. xo, grace



Stunning and sold out! Noooooooo….
They would have made perfect gifts for men folk for Christmas. (Yes, I think that early)


Big thanks for the post Grace! The knives tend to sell out rather quickly…as you have probably noticed. Readers can email me if they are interested to know when more will be available, otherwise there should be more up soon!


These are beautiful. One of the few things that I have of my grandfather’s is his old pocket knife. My grandmother gave it to me after he passed. It is not valuable outside of sentimental reasons. It just reminds me of how he used to take it out of his pocket to cut my apples for me when I was little. Such a small gesture, but it was always filled with love.


I adore knives. I also know that its an odd thing, so not a lot of people know that about me, but these are stunning. A well made knife is a thing of beauty.


It is bad luck to receive a knife as a gift. Knives should always be purchased. If you intend to give one, also give the recipient a coin, which he (or she) then gives back to you as payment for the knife.


I think I’ll have to send an email – my husband used to collect knives when he was younger, and I think he’d really appreciate this one; it’s so beautiful. Or maybe I’ll just get it for myself!

Kaja Marie

What a beautiful knife! I’ve been looking for one for a while now, and this might be exactly what I’ve been looking for.