Tie-Dye Book

I’m a recovering hippie. I spent most of my college years making hemp belts and hosting a jam band radio show, so I know a thing or two about tie-dye. Mainly that I love it. I still have a soft spot for subtle tie-dyes in indigo or purple colors and this gorgeous new book by Shabd Simon-Alexander is on my instant must-have list. There are 22 projects (from leggings and scarves to t-shirts and home goods) to prove that a modern tie-dye spin is possible and man do I plan on trying them all. Click here to check out the book in more detail and place an order. Even if tie-dye isn’t your style, this would be a great way to get crafty in the summer and make gifts for friends (tie-dyed beach towels, linens, beach cover ups, etc.). xo, grace



I heart tie-dye in a big way. One-tone/two-tone in particular. So lush and organic. I’m hoping it takes over the ombre trend that never dies.

Dye recipes can be complicated — this book looks awesome!


The cover image brings to mind NASA space photos, which is always a good thing. Really like this subtle take on tie-dye!

Nomadic D.

This is awesome! I’m so glad you posted this. I’m a huge fan of Shabd, and while I don’t love what I think of as ‘hippie dippy’ tie-dye her stuff is amazing. I’ve also been lusting over the shibori work of upstate a lot lately:


Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and give it a try myself!