The Beautiful, Unexpected Pottery of Helen Levi

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It’s no secret that we’re a little bit insane for studio pottery here at Design*Sponge. From our office’s coffee nook to our prop closet, you’re sure to find countless handcrafted mugs, cups, plates, and pots—you want it, we got it! In a world where most stoneware comes machine-made from a big-box store, there’s something refreshing and beautiful about being able to handle and use something that bears the hallmarks of an artist’s hand. Even though our office (and our  homes) are positively brimming with beautiful, handmade pottery, we’re finding ourselves awfully tempted to make room for some more—the beautiful and occasionally unexpected work of potter/photographer Helen Levi. Born and raised in New York City, Levi split her childhood years between her family’s East Village apartment and their home upstate. This contrast of scenery—from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to the relative quiet of the small town—has been referenced as a possible inspiration for Levi’s work. Indeed— her range of pottery, while frequently simple in form, often features small doses of contrast and contradiction. Her gilded eye planters, for example, are beauties to behold: streamlined, even-toned vessels, dotted with protruding gilded eyes. Check out more of Helen’s beautiful work after the jump! —Max

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Oh my gosh, the little gold eyes! Love them. Almost enough to get me to buy plants again and try not to kill them this time…


!!! The eye planters !!! I would have to put fake plants in them or produce because I have killed even the hardiest cacti. :/


Lovely stuff!! Another potter that I’m LOVING these days is Marcelina Salazar. I feel like a pottery groupie…