Soapbox: Flat-Pack Furniture Made (Super) Easy


Flat-packed furniture seems to be all the rage these days, what with its ability to cut shipping bulk and final prices. Still, as somebody who has spent countless hours flipping through indecipherable instruction manuals, frantically trying to locate screws, and attempting to make do with a wonky hex key, I’m often perplexed as to why there isn’t a better way to do all of this. Well—now it seems that there is! Soapbox, an Asbury Park-based furniture company has sought to solve the whole assemble-it-yourself conundrum with style, conscientiousness, and a construction method that’s as easy as pie. Founded last year by Rob Feinstein, the design director for a small New Jersey architecture firm, Soapbox features a line of home furnishings, all assembled from basic planks of wood and colored metal fittings. Entirely customizable in terms of wood type, size, and color, the pieces require no tools or construction skills—just snap the metal fittings into place and you’ve got yourself a stunning, absolutely modern piece of furniture. Their website states,

Growing up in a mega-store, over-packaged, disposable world instilled an appreciation for simple, honest design.  We challenged ourselves to create something that didn’t need tools, a foreign language dictionary, three friends or an engineering degree to put together.  We wanted to create something that we would want to live with.  Something that wouldn’t require a million dollar bank account to buy or end up in a landfill 6 months later.

Made entirely in the United States, each piece is a testament to the beauty of simplicity—both in terms of form and material. Although their construction is remarkably simple, Soapbox’s tables, shelves, and  credenzas can be mixed and matched in what seems to be an infinite number of ways. Check out more photos of these fantastic flat-packed beauties after the jump! —Max


soapbox_3 soapbox_4 soapbox_5 soapbox_6


My only question/concern would be how easy is it to pull the corner brackets off?!
I can totally see my two year old yanking one off and the whole thing coming tumbling down.


Too bad they don’t sell only hardware so you could have option of using your own wood.

Carly @mochihome

Oh, I’m so excited you featured these guys! I don’t actually own any of their pieces (yet!), but I first ran across them last year at my town’s street fair. They immediately stood out from the other vendors. Their furniture looks just as great in real life and seemed sturdy and totally functional. Yay, NJ!


thanks for the kind words! and just a heads up to all your readers – We will be on this coming Tuesday for our first sale! @chelly – your children could not take the hardware off, my 6 year old is my tester, she is the cutie in a few of the pictures.


Stephiez: my thoughts exactly !! I live in France and have access to beautiful cheap wood, but am often at a loss as to what to do with it. I’d buy the hardware in a heartbeat.


I bought a piece from them last year when they were first starting out and I use it as my TV stand. The wood is a great quality and those metal corners are TIGHT so you don’t have to worry about them coming off. I’m really happy with it, especially for the price.

Molly from Mint Atelier

These are super beautiful and genius! I’ve kind of fallen in love with every piece of furniture pictured above. Especially that last one!

Molly from Mint Atelier


Wow. The boxes may be flat, but the prices sure aren’t!!

Eco Handyman

These sound genius! This would be perfect for me with how much I move, simple to pack and easy to move. Definitely will check these out!


This is brilliant! One of those “I wish I came up with that” concepts!


Any thoughts about the source of that fantastic table lamp – white with raised geometric pattern (an Islamic mosaic pattern, actually). Google and the usual suspects (CB, CB2, West Elm, Room and Board) got me nowhere, but I know it could be a past season.


If they sold only hardware my order would already be in progress.


Love the concept! I hope as they grow they are able to come down a bit in price.


Actually, I think their price point is very reasonable for what you’re getting. If you want to spend $40 at ikea for something that will fall apart in two months, go for it. This is a higher quality product and really well designed. I’m sold! Nice work, Soapbox!


I love this product as well, but really want it to come in white. I would love to see what they come up with down the road… and I would not say no to a wheeled bar cart. (That was a hint, BTW!) :-)

Felicia S.

Clean lines, fun and functional. What more is there to ask. Thanks for sharing this company with us all.