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Sneak Peek Best of: Red

by Amy Azzarito

In honor of 4th of July on Thursday, we’re going to look at red, white (tomorrow) and blue (Wednesday) in homes. Most home owners seem use red sparingly, just a few touches can do a lot to warm up a room. The color is a favorite color for exterior doors – it’s friendly and welcoming, not to mention an easy way to identify your home. Red is not an accent color that I find myself gravitating toward. I’m pretty much a blue girl. Do you find yourself using a lot of red at home? –Amy

Image above: The entrance to this two-story Victorian terrace house in Sydney, Australia is painted a bright welcoming red. See the full home tour here.

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Image above: The stair runner in this home in Manchester, England, is a Cath Kidston design, made by Ulster carpets. The hall floor was salvaged from an old cinema, where it had previously been in the foyer. Now it looks like it has always been in this 1879 Victorian home. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes renovated a 250-year old home inside a mosque in the Marrakech medina in Morocco. Red is a frequently used accent color. See their full home tour here.

See more red in homes after the jump!

Image above: A compact kitchen in an converted aircraft hangar in Uetze, Germany feels cheerful and bright with red cabinets. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The guestroom in a Victorian townhouse in Toronto, Canada. The quilt is by menswear design Philip Sparks made from offcuts from one of his collections. Boris, the dog, loves the red walls. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The mud room in a Connecticut country house. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A bright red door in Vancouver heralds the circle motif inside. See the full home tour here.

Image above: This London kitchen demonstrates how just a little bit of red paint can make a large visual impact. (Isn’t that cutting board genius?) See the full home tour here.

Image above: Red is said to increase the appetite. Perfect for a dining room. See the rest of this West Hollywood home here.

Image above: A Paris apartment sofa covered with carpets and cushions from Tunisia. See the full house tour here.

Image above: The chairs in this Cleveland dining room were found at thrift store for $20 for all four. The chairs were originally white, Danielle Deboe, painted them a bright red and found the fabric for $8/yard. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The red chairs in this Boston home add a pop of color to the dining and perfectly compliment the rustic wood table. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A bright pink and red little girl’s bedroom in Toronto, Canada. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Red knife detail on the kitchen cabinets in a Canadian Victorian townhouse. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Since this Melbourne home is painted in complementary muted green and gray tones, home owner Paula Mills felt the need for a pop of color. So she painted the door a bright red and then accented it with an illustrated decal sticker from Shanna Murray (a Design*Sponge favorite!). See the full home tour here

Image above: A red themed display in a French home. See the full home tour here.

Image above: This headboard was a $10 thrift store find. The small Saarinen table was another roadside find. It was in pretty bad shape so the homeowner re-painted the base and veneered the top in walnut. The red bedding is from the homeowner’s line – wallter. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A New York City studio apartment with lots of red touches. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A red spindle bed makes this children’s room feel bright and happy. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The red exterior gives this 1875 Victorian townhouse in Toronto, Canada, a modern feel. See the full home tour here.

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  • Our farmhouse roof and trim are fire engine red. I l ove it with untoched cedar siding. Its always cheerful and appropriate for Fourth of July, valentines day and Christmas.

  • Red, or rather it’s duller counterparts maroon and burgundy, is most commonly seen in actual homes (but not on design blogs) as part of the trifecta of what I like to call the Hobby Lobby color palette of home decorating: sage green, beige, and burgundy. They all have the potential to make your home feel somehow worn and dirty, especially when used together. Gold accents are commonly used in combination with the Hobby Lobby color palette.

    • It is really a lovely color i love it,my bedroom color even my scooty color,my tooth brush color everything is in red :). The combination of colors was really fantastic,the flooring ,the architecture was really fabulous ,now i decided to have a home same like this.

  • I just love the pops of red! The kitchen with the red cabinets has to be my favorite! I’m inspired, Thanks!

  • It is said that every room should have a touch of red in it. Think it goes back to our cave man days when the red of fire denoted safety from wild predators.

  • I like red so the sneak peek best seems right for me. I like the idea of having a red door, which reminds me that our previous gate color is red. I like how each picture shows how versatile the red color. I like the compact kitchen because the red cabinets looks refreshing and delightful.

  • ‘The compact kitchen in a converted aircraft hangar in Uetze, Germany’…This image is so wonderful looking. I am really impressed by this picture.

  • I love this color. I’ve painted with a similar shade before. You must always put a light gray shade under coat or you will struggle to get it to cover. Antique white or lighter is a good contrast for it.