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15 Ways to Use a Ladder at Home

by Shannon Grant

Though they have a reputation for function, ladders can also be an unassuming yet striking focal point in a home. While combing through the Sneak Peek archives, I was surprised to see not only the multitude of ways people use ladders, but also that there were so many examples of ladders as decor, particularly in a slightly rustic, vintage style. Whether it be simply leaned against a bare wall unadorned, used to display blankets and trinkets, or converted to an overflowing bookshelf, I am now convinced that a ladder is a must have furniture piece adaptable in any style home. –Shannon

Image above: Between both her home and shop, Sibella Court has not one but three ladders decorating her spaces.

Image above: This white ladder adds just the right amount of texture and intrigue to a sparse white wall in Amanda Schuler and Dave Podsiadlo’s home.

Image above: This ladder allows Adrian Richardson to display some of his collected treasures in his Australian home.

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Image above: In a home that feels more beach than Brooklyn brownstone, this ladder leads to a guest room in Fitzhugh Carol and Lyndsay Caleo’s Sneak Peek.

Image above: This ladder creates a clever visual illusion by streamlining and enclosing Isabel Asha Penzlien‘s make shift closet space.

Image above: This ladder nearly blends into the wall behind Tara Percy’s bed in her Philadelphia home.

Image above: Paula Kilpatrick puts her ladder to work by converting it to a filled-to-the-brim bookshelf in her living room.

Image above: By placing the two ladders near the fireplace, Meg Crossley ensures that this area of the living room is the primary focal point of the room.

Image above: This vintage library ladder gives access to the hidden storage area in Kevin Burke and David Kimelman’s home.

Image above: This ladder may be utilized for practical purposes, such as climbing up to clean those tall windows in Douglas Riccardi’s home.

Image above: A ladder by the bed means easy access to an extra blanket on a cool California night in Haley Ann Robinson’s home.

Image above: Here is a beautiful solution for storing and displaying extra pots and pans in Camilla Ebdrup and Andreas Stenmann’s Copenhagen kitchen.

Image above: This ladder emphasizes the tall ceilings of Bladon Connor’s 400 square foot apartment, making the relatively small space feel a little bit bigger.

Image above: Another example of a library ladder also used to access storage, this time in the bathroom of Jill Robertson’s home.

Image above: Because one is just not enough, here is the second of three of Sibella Court’s ladders. Check out the rest of her peek to see the third.

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  • The boyfriend and I are looking to move in to a 1bed flat in SW London. These kinds of ideas fit perfectly with our tastes. Every time we view a flat, my first thought is STORAGE!! Thanks E

  • Love these ideas! It’s like you read my mind! Just yesterday I started researching different ways to incorporate old ladders into the house, we have a high ceiling in the kitchen and I’m trying to conjure up ideas of suspending a ladder (horizontally) and putting lighting all over it.. I love that ladder book shelf!

  • Love this!! My husband made me a ladder to hang my magazines from a couple years ago. He painted it peacock blue and it adds a great pop of color to the living room.

  • Where can I find an old ladder? I’d like to use it as a stair handrail– shorter for the little people in our family and higher for adults!

  • I opened a fine art/craft gallery last October and needed to race to prepare for the holiday retail season. Found (with the help of thoughtful friends) 4 wooden ladders of varying heights and vintage age. 6 cans of red enamel later, my window display rocked with 4 old, red ladders mimicking Christmas trees with ornaments hanging from each of them. The response was so amazing that I have continued to use one of them continuously for display — and plan on all 4 again this holiday season!

  • We’ve had a giant ladder floating around my apartment anywhere we can lean it against for the past 4 months (we borrowed it to paint the living room, but still need it to start the bedroom wallpaper removal extravaganza). Now I feel trendy rather than embarrassed about it. Thanks!

  • ladders have long been underestimated, but no more! They are great and provide instant graphics in 3D quality.