Shale is the new walnut?

For the past few years I’ve had a serious love affair with walnut. What began as a moment and continued as a few new pieces here and there continued to grow until every wooden surface in my house was walnut or some approximation of it. Not that there’s anything “wrong” with walnut (it’s beautiful and will always be in style to me), but lately I’ve started looking for a slightly different look. Something a little cooler and slightly more modern- but nothing that will feel so trendy I’ll regret my decision a year later. Enter Blu Dot’s Shale Credenza. I saw this in person at ICFF and made a note of it for personal use, but because it’s outside of my budget I wrote it off. But I’m circling back now, wondering if it’s worth starting a little savings account for, considering it feels like exactly the look I’m craving. Blu Dot offers this piece as a dresser, credenza and table, all of which have leather handles that look so soft to the touch. Click here for more info and to check it out in detail…xo, grace



I love walnut too and have been making quite a few pieces with it lately – it’s just too good. Have you considered commissioning a furniture maker to make something similar to this credenza for you? I bet you could find someone local to do it for a good price. (Someone showed me recently, and it looks like a great idea!)


It’s a handsome piece. One thing to consider is shale is a color (and a rock) not a wood, like walnut. I can’t find what kind of wood it’s made out of–but it has wonderful grain.


Looks like its made of ash. Although, for $2400, I would expect a credenza that doesn’t have plywood on the inside.


It says on the bludot website that the Shale series is made with solid Ash top, legs and door/drawer fronts.

Diane @ homesweethomemade

what a randomly coincidental (maybe?) sighting! I recently inherited a mcm credenza in walnut that looks strikingly similar. But it has a formica (!) top. I kid you not. I wanted to keep the pretty paneled fronts and cover just the top and down the sides with a complementary shade of grey. This seals the deal – I’ll call it shale and give you credit for the idea :) thx


Did something happen to the link to Blu Dot? Possibly I’ve gone batty but “Click here” is not an active link for me.