SerpentSea— Beautiful Mats Handcrafted from Marine Rope


If you were anywhere within reach of last week’s epic heatwave, you will understand us when we say that we’re in a water kind of mood. Whether it’s jumping into a sprinkler or taking a dip into the Hudson River, water is definitely one of our top ways to keep ourselves cool (and sane) during this summer’s less forgiving days. Perhaps it’s because of this annual summertime craving for water that we often find ourselves falling for all things nautical this time of year. Today, we’re showcasing some of our favorite maritime-themed objects, starting with Sophie Aschauer’s beautiful woven mats.

Working under the business name SerpentSea, Sophie began crafting mats, bracelets, and key rings out of recycled marine rope after a fateful trip to Nantucket in 2011. Her website states,

Each mat is unique and woven by hand with reclaimed sailing ropes. The mats are woven with three different knots referred to as “Bonny”, “Drake” and “Morgan” after three of the most infamous pirates from the 17th century. All three knots are traditional knots and have been tied by sailors for centuries for practical purposes as well as decor. The mats can be used both indoors and out, and will add a nautical flair to any space.

Although the mats come in typical “marine” colors like blue and white, some of the most beautiful feature combinations of bright colors, appearing almost like strands of candy tied together. We can’t get enough! —Max


serpentsea_2 serpentsea_3 serpentsea_4


Heather P.

I’ve wanted one of these for a while now – and I think it would make a great gift for my dad, who is currently fixing up his first sailboat. Definitely going to have to put this on the Christmas list for him this year!


That Orange & Blue one would look cool in a boys room!! Beautiful work!!!!


What a beautiful photo! Does anyone know who makes those overalls?