Pinched & Glazed Planter

This weekend I managed to fry not just one but both of my houseplants. These losses were particularly tough because I’d managed to keep both of my begonias alive for the better part of two years, which is no small feat for me. But I refuse to give in so easily, so I’m heading to the garden center today to find some newbies for my kitchen windowsill. Hopefully these guys will be a bit heartier than my dearly departed friends. And since I’m planning a new plant purchase…it seems like the perfect time to pick up a new planter or two*. These pinched and glazed planters by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Kevin Wilcoxson have such an interesting shape and come in three different glaze colors (yellow, aqua, dark teal). They’d be so sweet for succulents, but I’d like to try something that trails in these. They’d be great hanging from up high. Just be sure you line the bottom with rocks if you need to water frequently, these don’t appear to have drainage holes. Click here to check them out in more detail and order online ($40 each). xo, grace

*I feel like one day when I’m no longer around, someone will go through my things and assume I ran some sort of overgrown nursery. I’m pretty sure I have enough planters and vessels to pot just about every spare plant in New York City.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.56.39 PM

Sarah from a fine line

These are lovely. We were away over the weekend, and I also managed to kill most of the plants in my window boxes. It’s tough when you can’t be there to water daily in the summertime!


No waterholes *and* they’re glazed, so they’re really not ideal for cactii or succulents. I’d probably throw a decent handful of perlite in with the soil, in addition to the rocks at the bottom, to increase drainage. And remember, underwatering is far better than overwatering!! (for most plants, anyways)


never get pots without drainage holes! not worth it!


The older I get, the more I feel the need to own mor handmade clay pots and house plants. I love this phase of my existence. : )

I have a loyal houseplant ( a peperomia) who has been with me through thick and thin. She was originally purchased on a feng shui whim in my early 20s when I felt her spoon shaped leaves would bring prosperity. It is time to celebrate her with one of these planters.

Noted on the holes though, so maybe I’ll just set her pot inside. : )