Our 5 Summer Concert Essentials


This week’s e-mail newsletter is all about summer concerts, so we thought it would be a great idea to get you prepped for your own concert-going adventures with our top 5 summer concert essentials! From keeping you hydrated and cool to making sure your ears stay protected, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter here for weekly updates on how to spend the rest of your summer!

1. Bobble Filtered Water Bottle — Mom’s advice to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is never more necessary than at outdoor summer concerts. With temperatures and heart rates rising, it’s important to get some water (not just beer) into your system! This cute water bottle has the added advantage of coming with a water filter built in, perfect if the only water source around is a water fountain or bathroom sink!

2. Kate Spade ID Holder — This little guy will keep all of your essentials (ID, tickets, and if you’re lucky, VIP passes) in one place. Added bonus: it’s super cute!

3. Songkick App — If, like me, you only find out about your favorite artists’ concerts after they happen, this is the app for you! Songkick will scan your iPhone’s music library and creates a custom calendar of upcoming concerts for all of your artists! Gotta love automation!

4. Earplugs — The idea of earplugs can skeeve some people out, but if you value your sense of hearing, they’re a necessary addition to your concert-going arsenal. They’ll tone down damaging volume levels and let you listen to the music worry-free. These are a relatively stylish alternative to the standard foam kind.

5. UNIQLO Airism T-shirt — I don’t know how they did it (probably magic), but Japanese-based clothing company UNIQLO recently unveiled their Airism line, a collection of shirts that breathe and absorb moisture to keep you feeling fresh and cool. Perfect if you find yourself in a mosh pit.



As an audiologist, I am SO THRILLED to see that you put earplugs on your list! Thanks for helping us bring the not-always-hip cause of hearing protection to the forefront today!

While many may not find them very “rock n’ roll”, more and more musicians and concert-goers are wearing them, and for those of us who want to enjoy music and good conversation for many years to come, they’re a great and worthy investment!


Earplugs aren’t gross! What’s gross is being hard-of-hearing at age 30… wear protection! I keep mine in a little pouch on my keychain ’cause you just never know when you’re gonna need ‘em :)