Omni Bag by Kumeko

I had a moment this week where I realized that maybe it would be ok for me to get a cuter laundry bag. I lug my laundry to the laundromat every week in my trusty Ikea bag, which I have no problem with, but something clicked inside me this week when I saw a woman roll her eyes at my bag. Maybe she thought it was tacky, maybe she thought it was cheap- I have no idea. But she definitely had an issue with that bag and rolled her eyes so dramatically I had to look twice at the bag to see if anything weird was happening on the outside I didn’t catch. Typically I’d chalk it all up up to hipster Greenpoint nonsense, but it made me stop and wonder if there was an equally functional bag that might be a bit cuter. If not, no biggie. But if there was a cuter functional bag, why not?

Enter these beautiful Omni bags by Kumeko. Made of strong tarpaulin coated with PVC, these multipurpose foldable bags are super easy to clean and would be lightweight enough to lug around with clothes inside. I love the simple white look and the beautiful origami-inspired folds. They may possibly be the key to finding a chic way to hail laundry to and from my apartment. There are four sizes available and I may need to test out the biggest one to see if it can handle my laundry routine. Until then, you can check out these bags and shop online right here. xo, grace


The Omni bag is cute, but how rude of the eye-roller! Imagine, not even laundry bags are safe from judgement. :)

Maybe there could be a post about decorating Ikea bags… put a bird on it?


Well I would roll my eyes right back at anyone who has a problem with me using my Ikea bags as laundry bags (or as a duffle bag on my car trips for that matter). They are so functional and the price is right.


Wow you have to go to a laundromat? That sucks! As it stands, I would never rent a place without laundry in the building. Mine’s just two floors up, so I use a basket.
Have you thought of purchasing a small portable washing machine?


Can’t believe someone rolled their eyes at your laundry bag! That’s pretty funny. If you have this one you’ll probably get envious looks.


I’m always drawn to origami inspired and architectural design, these are very cool. I just heard now about tarpaulin. Going to check it out. Thanks:)


@DNA, excellent comment about putting a bird on it. Love Portlandia.

There are quite a few stylish and functional collapsable laundry bags and baskets. They’re space savers and will likely not illicit eye rolls from the hipster crowd (not that it would matter). I had no idea people bought Ikea bags. Are they even for sale in Canada?


PVC is awful for your health and the environment. Cute bag, but maybe a different material?


You need to get an old lady laundry/grocery cart. It changed my life.


They are beautiful! I found them on etsy, but shipping (from Germany) is $$$!
I echo Shannon’s comment on PVC. Close to home, That’s one of the big polluters of the Hudson River.


I agree with Shannon, they made a poor choice coating it with PVC. The fumes it gives off are really toxic and not good to have in your home. They should be encouraged to use an alternative material, maybe waxed cotton or something.

Really, I would say Own that Ikea Bag! It’s repurposing at its best.

Miss Heliotrope

Imagine having such a dull life you have to sneer at someone’s laundry bag –

When we had a laundry share, I lugged our washing about in a reusable supermarket bag I’d bought as a cheap souvenir when travelling overseas. A neighbour used an Ikea bag – they’re a great size & price & can scrunch down.

Some people need to get a life of their own.


Ooooo, their products are amazing. I say go for the update from your Ikea bag, you deserve it!

xx Erin